USM Sexual Harassment Training
 University System of Maryland



Thank you for participating in the University System of Maryland Office's (USMO) web-based training program, "Sexual Harassment: Your Rights and Responsibilities."

This training is offered to all USMO employees. It is intended to help all of us understand and comply with the USM policy prohibiting sexual harassment, and each USMO employee must complete the program within 60 days of starting employment with the USM. As the USM policy, VI-1.20 University System of Maryland Policy on Sexual Harassment, makes clear:

"The University System of Maryland is committed to creating and maintaining an environment in which every individual can work and learn without being harassed. All members of the academic community should support the principle that sexual harassment represents a failure in ethical behavior and that sexual exploitation of professional relationships will not be condoned. Sexual harassment is inconsistent with commitment to the goals of quality, access and choice that characterize the activities of the System and its constituent institutions."

The policy goes on to require that the USM community "is educated about the problem and sanctions which can be imposed and is well informed concerning resources available to complainants . . ." This training program is the central tool for meeting this policy requirement for USMO employees, and we thank you for taking the time to complete it. We anticipate that most participants will be able to complete this training within one hour.


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