(Approved by the Board of Regents, November 30, 1989)
       Terminal leave is defined as a leave of absence with pay
  extending over a period which terminates on the effective date of
  a faculty member's separation from employment with the
  institution.  Terminal leaves are beneficial to the institution
  and its programs since they may provide a means to reallocate
  positions and other resources from low demand to high demand
  programs.  The President may grant a terminal leave, upon
  application by the faculty member, in accordance with the
  following provisions:
    I.  Only full-time tenured faculty members at the institution
        shall be eligible for terminal leave; if awarded, such a
        leave shall be with full pay for a period not to exceed
        twelve months, or with half pay for a period not to exceed
        twenty-four months.
   II.  A faculty member, while on terminal leave, shall:
        A.  remain an employee of his or her institution, and be
            subject to all policies of the Board of Regents and the
        B.  receive the salary which would have been accorded had
            he or she remained at the institution;
        C.  retain eligibility for all benefits normally associated
            with full-time (or, where applicable, half-time)
            employment, with the exception of annual leave; and
        D.  not be required to perform duties of any kind during
            the period of leave unless otherwise stipulated.
  III.  The faculty member shall agree, in writing, to the
        conditions of the leave, waiving all claims arising out of
        her or his employment, other than those specified in II.C,
        and also waiving all claims to subsequent employment at the
   IV.  Each institution shall develop procedures for
        implementation of this policy.  These procedures shall be
        filed with the Chancellor.
  Replacement for:  BOT VII-G.6