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Section I:
Systemwide Councils and Institutional Boards

Policy Name Policy Number
Policy on Council Of University System Presidents I-1.00
(PDF Download)
Policy on the Constitution for the Council of University System Faculty I-2.00
(PDF Download)
Policy on University System Student Council I-3.00
(PDF Download)
Policy on Constitution Of The University System Student Council I-3.01
(PDF Download)
Policy on Constitution For The Council Of University System Staff I-3.50
Policy on USM and Institutional Boards and Commissions I-4.00
(PDF Download)
Policy on Shared Governance In The University System Of Maryland I-6.00
Policy on Public Ethics Of Members Of The Board Of Regents I-7.00
Policy On The Role Of The University System Of Maryland As A Public Corporations I-7.01
(PDF Download)
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