University System of Maryland Board of Regents

December 1, 2006

Minutes of the Public Session

A.     Chairman Kendall called the meeting of the University System of Maryland Board of Regents to order at 10:35 a.m. on Friday, December 1, 2006 at University of Maryland Biotechnology Institute. Those in attendance were:  Chairman Kendall, Regents Finan, Florestano, Heidemann, Hoffmann, Johnson, Krongard, Mandel, Mitchell, Nevins, Pettit, and Pevenstein. Chancellor Kirwan, Vice Chancellors Goldstein, Vivona and Raley; Assistant Attorneys General Goedert and Short; USM Presidents Boesch, Bogomolny, Burnim, Caret, Dudley-Esbach, Hrabowski, Hunter-Cevera, Mote, Ramsay, Thompson, and other institutional representatives; Ms. Ryan; Ms. Doyle, USM Staff; members of the press and others.

B.     Dr. Hunter-Cevera gave a welcome to Regents and others and provided a presentation on the various successful enterprises at UMBI, including research activities,  innovative programs, learning labs, incubators, and outreach to middle and high school students.  A graduate student at UMBI also described her research experiences. 

C.     Committee of the Whole

1.      Chairman Kendall presented the Minutes of October 27, 2006 for approval.  The minutes were unanimously approved. (Moved by Regent Florestano, seconded by Regent Mitchell).

2.      Chancellor Kirwan presented his report to the Board. A summary follows:  

Chancellor Kirwan thanked President Jennie Hunter-Cevera and the University of Maryland Biotechnology Institute (UMBI) for hosting the meeting and acknowledged UMBI's 10-year history of serving both educational and workforce development needs.

Chancellor Kirwan announced that Stanley Battle, president of Coppin State University (CSU) since 2003, will be leaving in June 2007 to take the position of chancellor of North Carolina A&T State University in Greensboro, NC.   He also noted that the new year will usher in an entire new roster in Annapolis: a new Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General and Comptroller, in addition to 11 new State Senators and 34 new delegates.  He reported that he believes higher education is in a strong position since Governor-elect O'Malley stressed his commitment to higher education throughout his campaign, including concerns about ensuring access and affordability.

Chancellor Kirwan noted a number of important items.  The USM, partnering with the Maryland Department of General Services, has entered into an electricity procurement agreement that will save Maryland taxpayers more than $31.3 million over a two-year period.  The University of Maryland Eastern Shore (UMES) has been awarded a $12.5 million grant from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to enhance understanding of the ecosystems of the Atlantic coast, including Maryland's coastal bays.  The University of Baltimore (UB) Student Center has been honored with an Award of Merit from Mid-Atlantic Construction magazine in its Best of 2006 Awards edition.  University of Maryland University College has officially opened its Dorsey Station Center, UMUC's newest location, located on the MARC train line in Elkridge. 

The University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) School of Law's Trial Team swept the team and individual national championship titles at the National Institute for Trial Advocacy's 17th annual "Tournament of Champions"; UMB's School of Nursing has begun the first Doctor of Nursing Practice program ever in Maryland; and the most advanced Dental School in the world has officially opened at UMB.  Towson University (TU) President Robert Caret was recently inducted into the Baltimore County Chamber of Commerce Business Hall of Fame.   TU is also enhancing its offerings at the USM Hagerstown center with bachelor's and master's programs in nursing beginning next year.  In addition, TU has launched its Capital Campaign, aiming to raise $50 million for endowment.  The University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC) and Montgomery College have launched a new program that will provide guaranteed admission and scholarship opportunities to qualified Montgomery College transfer students who wish to complete their bachelor's degrees at UMBC. 

Chancellor Kirwan reported on the statewide listening tour.  A full report will be completed early next year, which will include recommendations and action steps. 

(A copy of the Chancellor's complete report is on file with the minutes.)

3.      Transfer of the Institute of Human Virology (IHV) from University of Maryland Biotechnology Institute (UMBI) to University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB). Chancellor Kirwan presented the implementation plan for the transfer. The regents unanimously approved the transfer of the IHV to UMB and delegated to the Chancellor the authority to finalize and execute the related MOU.  (Moved by Regent Gill; seconded by Regent Finan)

4.      Dashboard Indicators.  Vice Chancellor Vivona presented USM's annual dashboard indicators, used to benchmark and to assess progress across the system's 13 institutions

5.      Chairman Kendall presented the following recommendation:

That the Board approve granting any USM employee 8 hours of administrative leave if he/she worked as an election judge on November 7, 2006 even if it was not a scheduled duty day for the employee. 

 The recommendation was unanimously approved.  (Moved by Regent Johnson; seconded by Regent Pettit)

D.    Report of Councils

1.  President Thelma Thompson, chair of CUSP, greeted the Regents and guests.  Dr. Thompson reported on the work of the USM System Presidents during the past few months, which included a review and discussion of enrollment data and trends, programs at regional centers, status of collective bargaining and several policies and proposals, including the policy on posthumous degrees, and tuition remission for dependants or retirees and the STEM, SAT and BRAC residency proposals.  The presidents were also apprised of the preliminary findings of the Governor's Listening Tour.   Dr. Thompson said that the presidents are looking forward to individual institutional meetings with the Board.

2.  Dr. David Parker, chair of CUSF, reported that CUSF is concerned about the status of long term adjunct faculty and requested that data on this be collected. .  Chancellor Kirwan agreed to gather the data and review the issue.

3.  Mr. Larry Lauer, chair of CUSS, reported that CUSS met on November 14 and internal committees are working on issues of concern to staff and institutions.  CUSS is planning the agenda for a joint meeting with the faculty council at College Park. 

 (A copy of the written report is on file with the minutes)

4.  Mr. Brian Bailey, chair of the USMSC, reported that the student council is currently interviewing candidates for the student regent position.

E.      Education Policy                                                    Regent Florestano

1.      New Academic Program Proposals

a.       New academic program proposal for the UMES Bachelor of Arts in History was presented. Regent Florestano moved approval of the new program; seconded by Regent Kelly and unanimously approved.

b.      New academic program proposal for the UMES Bachelor of Science in Professional Golf Management was presented.  Regent Florestano moved approval of the new program; seconded by Regent Hoffman and unanimously approved.

2.      Proposed USM Policy on the Award of Posthumous Degrees was presented.  Regent Florestano moved approval of the new policy; seconded by Regent Heidemann and unanimously approved.

3.      Salisbury University's request for exception to the BOR Policy III-4.00 - Policy on Undergraduate Admissions was presented.  Regent Florestano moved approval of the new policy; seconded by Regent Hoffman.  The BOR discussed the pros and cons of the proposal.  President Dudley-Esbach reported that SU had studied this matter carefully and taken great care in preparing its proposal.  She noted that this is a pilot program rather than a permanent exemption from BOR policy, and SU will be providing the BOR with annual reports on student achievement, retention, and graduation upon which to make an informed decision about the value of the pilot program.  Regent Florestano called for a vote; exemption to policy approved with nine votes in favor and two opposed (Regents Finan and Nevins).

4.      Opening Fall 2006 Enrollment and FY 2007 Estimated FTE Report.  Regent Florestano noted that both the Education Policy and Finance Committees heard presentations on enrollment and the information will be presented under the Finance Committee report.

5.      UMCP's Progress with Collaborative School of Public Health.  Regent Florestano reported on the activities that are now underway, noting that the UMCP will submit its letter of intent regarding accreditation for the School of Public Health in March 2007 and anticipates final approval by January 2009.  UMB has also submitted its letter of intent to seek accreditation in August and having received in October the go-ahead from the Council on Education in Public Health to move forward with development of its proposal.

6.      Middle States Commission on Higher Education: Reaffirmation of Accreditation.  Regent Florestano reported that the Education Policy Committee heard the first two, UMUC and UMB, of a series of presentations by USM institutions that have undergone an extensive periodic review for the reaffirmation of accreditation by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE).

7.      USM STEM-Teach Initiative.  Regent Florestano asked Chancellor Kirwan to present the USM STEM-Teach Initiative.  The Chancellor discussed the proposed initiative, which is modeled on the successful UTeach program at the University of Texas at Austin, to recruit more science and mathematics majors into teaching by establishing new programs within colleges of mathematics and sciences in collaboration with colleges of education. 

8.      Maryland Higher Education Commission Low Productivity Report 2006. Regent Florestano reported that the Committee heard a report on the annual review of programs that have been identified by MHEC as low productivity programs.  In 2006 a total of thirteen programs at three USM institutions were so identified, and all have either been discontinued, granted a three-year exemption, or granted a permanent exemption.

F.   Finance Committee                                           Regent Pevenstein

1.      Opening Fall 2006 Enrollment and FY 2007 Estimated FTE Report.  Regent Pevenstein reported that a complete briefing on the enrollment report was provided to both the Education Policy and Finance Committees.  Vice Chancellor spoke briefly on the Fall 2006 enrollment trends and the estimated FTE enrollment for FY 2007.

2.      FY 2008 Operating Budget Request.  Vice Chancellor Vivona reviewed the FY 2008 Budget Preparation Task List with the BOR.

3.      Waiver of Certain Residency Requirements for Relocating Defense Contractor Employees under BRAC 2005.  Regent Pevenstein moved approval of the BOR resolution that provides a waiver of residency requirements for defense contractor employees who are relocated under BRAC 2005.  The waiver is for a five-year period.  Motion was seconded by Regent Florestano.   The resolution was unanimously approved

4.      University of Baltimore; Facilities Master Plan 2004-2014.  Regent Pevenstein reported that UB's FMP was approved by the Finance Committee in November and moved approval. Seconded by Regent Mitchell; unanimously approved.

5.      University of Maryland, Baltimore: Renewal of System-wide Scientific Supplies Contract.  Regent Pevenstein moved approval of the contract, seconded by Regent Krongard and unanimously approved.

6.      Contingent Category II Employee Conversion to Regular Status- Annual Report.  Regent Prevestein presented the annual report on the conversion of contingent category II employees to regular status. 

G.      Committee on Organization and Compensation                    Regent Mitchell

The Committee on Organization and Compensation met with representatives of Towson University and UMBC at its September meetings to discuss two proposed collective bargaining MOUs.  The Committee recommended approval of both proposed MOUs and they were approved in executive session on October 27 at the full board meeting:

1.      Towson University:  Collective Bargaining Memorandum of Understanding - Towson University Sworn Police Officers (SPO) and the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP).

2.      University of Maryland, Baltimore County:  Collective Bargaining Memorandum of Understanding - UMBC Sworn Police Officers (SPO) and the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP).

H.  Audit and Inst. Assessment Committee                          Regent Gill

Regent Gill reported that the committee reviewed the draft financial statement.  The institutions are making significant progress with presidential engagement being a critical component.  The committee approved the internal audit plan for 2007 and noted that a number of staff positions need to be filled to meet the committee objectives.  The outside quality assessment review has been very successful.

I.   Capital Campaign Workgroup                                          Regent Krongard

Regent Krongard reported on the recent meeting of the workgroup.  The focus and priorities of the workgroup are on best practices across U.S. public institutions and the role of the USM Advancement office in providing value-added capacity-development services to campuses that need assistance through 1) professional development workshops, 2) focused consultancies on campaign planning and staff deployment' 3) provision of data metrics, such as campaign gift pyramids, and 4) direct fundraising assistance through staff efforts and the engagement of the Chancellor and Vice Chancellor. 

J.  Effectiveness and Efficiency Workgroup                                                      Regent Nevins

Regent Nevins reported that the work group received reports from Vice Chancellors Goldstein and Vivona on the status of the "Phase II" academic and administrative initiatives. A detailed report of the Maryland Course Redesign Initiative was presented by Associate Vice Chancellors Shapiro and Spicer.  The "kick-off" workshop has been held with all USM degree-granting institutions represented and over 100 faculty participating. 

K.  Technology Transfer Workgroup                                                                  Regent Gill

Regent Gill reported on the work of the Technology Transfer Workgroup.  The biggest challenge faced by the institutions is obtaining external funding.  TEDCO is developing a report on the State of Maryland in terms of technology transfer.

The meeting adjourned at 1:05 p.m.