University System of Maryland

         Job Class Specification

FLSA: NONEXEMPT                                JOB TYPE: SYSTEMWIDE
EEO6:  H70                                     JOB FAMILY/SERIES: FOO     
IPED-SOC: 35-2021
APPROVED BY: Chancellor Donald N. Langenberg  EFFECTIVE DATE: 07/01/1996


Under direct supervision, functions as an entry level Cook or Baker. Provides direct assistance to experienced Cooks or Bakers and performs meal and food planning and preparation as instructed.


1. Prepares items for cooking by peeling, paring, coring, portioning, washing, sectioning, zesting, chilling or scoring.

2. Prepares, seasons, cooks, fries and bakes according to specific instructions and/or detailed recipes.

3. Prepares sponges, fillings, toppings, frosting, icing and assembles into tarts. Decorates cakes, tortes and other pastries.

4. Assembles sandwiches, cold entrees and desserts.

5. Prepares garnish for plates.

6. Assures that set standards of food portions control are maintained.

7. Communicates in a timely manner with line and cooks regarding food amounts on hand.

8. Plans baking or preparation schedules to assure time tables are met.

9. Assures all preparations for meals have been completed.

10. Maintains sanitation and safety techniques in operation and cleaning of all equipment.

Note: The intent of this list of primary duties is to provide a representative summary of the major duties and responsibilities of this job. Incumbents perform other related duties assigned. Specific duties and responsibilities may vary based upon departmental needs.


EXPERIENCE: Two years in institutional or commercial food service which involved the preparation or serving of food.


Working knowledge of various methods of meal and food preparation; of portion control standards; of related sanitary regulations and practices. Ability to interpret menus; to follow recipes and production schedules; to follow dining service policies and procedures; to develop and apply knowledge of food items served, their ingredients and preparation; to operate kitchen equipment and appliances, such as mixers, ovens, steamers, stoves, microwaves and grills; to select and use knives, handtools, utensils and equipment to decorate, weigh, measure, maintain holding temperature, bake, cook, whip, refrigerate, fold, grate, pipe, coat or otherwise produce food in central kitchen or bakery area; to perform mathematical calculations; to keep records of supplies used for customers served; to work in irritating environments and adverse temperature conditions; to lift transport and stock related supplies and materials.

OTHER: Except for qualifications established by law, additional related experience and formal education in which one has gained the knowledge, skills, and abilities required for full performance of the work of the job class may be substituted for the education or experience requirement on a year-for-year basis with 30 college credits being equivalent to one year of experience.


Candidates selected for employment may be subject to medical inquiries and/or medical examination to determine ability to perform the job. Safe food handling and sanitation certificates may be required. Employees appointed to this job class may be required to work Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

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