Patrick J. Hogan

Vice Chancellor for Government Relations





Purpose of Awards


Regents' Faculty Awards publicly recognize distinguished performance in 1) Teaching, 2) Scholarship, Research, or Creative Activity, 3) Public Service, and 4) Mentoring on the part of faculty members. This award marking excellence is the highest honor presented by the Board of Regents (BOR) to exemplary faculty members within the University System of Maryland (USM). The awardees are selected by the Council of University System Faculty (CUSF) and submitted to the BOR for approval.


Awards Categories


A maximum of 17 awards may be bestowed annually. Up to four awards each will be presented in each of the following four categories (Teaching; Scholarship, Research, or Creative Activity; Public Service; and Mentoring) in which faculty exhibit excellence, and one award may be presented in the special award category of Innovation. At least one of the individual awards for Teaching; Scholarship, Research, or Creative Activity; Public Service; and Mentoring shall be presented to faculty at a comprehensive institution (BSU, CSU, FSU, SU, TU, UB, UMES, or UMUC), and at least one of the individual awards in these categories shall be presented to faculty at a research institution (UMB, UMBC, UMCES, or UMCP).


  • Teaching is to be interpreted broadly enough to encompass all educational activities in the USM, including distance education. The nominee(s) shall have demonstrated superior teaching as documented by such things as student evaluations, teaching portfolios, or other means. This may include demonstrated accomplishments in areas such as course development and pedagogy, direction of student research projects, leadership in teaching improvement, or mentoring of faculty to improve teaching. The award recipient shall have succeeded in promoting measurable increases in student learning. Note: A maximum of four awards, including at most one to a collaboration, can be made in this category.
  • Scholarship, Research, or Creative Activity is to be interpreted broadly to include professional accomplishments in the nominee’s field and to encompass all fields of study at any USM institution. The nominee(s) shall have shown evidence of exceptional scholarship or research that extend or deepen the bounds of knowledge or of creative activities that are recognized as innovations in the nominee’s discipline. This shall include the fine or performing arts. Note: A maximum of four awards, including at most one to a collaboration, can be made in this category.
  • Public Service will include any activity other than teaching and research, scholarship, or creative activity that benefits the citizens of Maryland and of the nation or humanity in general. The nominee(s) shall have contributed to the community through involvement in initiatives such as K-16 programs, clinical practice, professional or non-profit organizations, and public policy. Note: Service to USM institutions is excluded. A maximum of four awards, including at most one to a collaboration, can be made in this category.
  • Mentoring is to be interpreted broadly enough to include a variety of activities that foster student development and attainment. The nominee shall have demonstrated excellence in the mentoring of students. This can be demonstrated in several ways such as student career development, measurable improvement in areas such as retention and graduation rates, and improvement of post-baccalaureate progression rates or major-field or related-field employment rates. The mentoring of other faculty members, while not sufficient by itself, can be considered in this category. Supporting evidence should document the value of the mentoring. This may involve students mentored more than 3 years ago. Testimony of current students and graduates is encouraged. Notes: Direction of student research projects shall be considered under Teaching rather than under Mentoring. A maximum of four awards, including at most one to a collaboration, can be made in this category.

A maximum of one award in each of the aforementioned categories can be designated a collaboration and may be awarded to a team consisting of faculty members from at least two University System of Maryland institutions. Nominees will be faculty members from at least two USM institutions and shall have initiated the project and participated in all phases of the project. There is no limit on the involvement of additional collaborators from other institutions, including non-USM institutions. Letters of support from either or both institutions are acceptable for this nomination.


Special Award Category Distinction for Innovation

One award can be designated for innovation. Innovation is to be interpreted broadly enough to encompass exemplary ideas that when implemented serve to further improve student learning or academic administration through the effective and efficient use of single/multiple institutional or system-wide resources that result in cost savings. The nominee(s) shall provide evidence that includes a brief description of the innovative academic or administrative initiative, its potential benefits, magnitude, and estimated costs and/or resources savings of $10,000 or more. Note: One (1) award from either Academic Transformation-improved learning and minimum cost savings of $10,000, or Administrative Transformation-improved effectiveness and efficiency resulting in minimum cost savings of $10,000.


Award Details

  • Each recipient of a Teaching; Scholarship, Research, Creativity Activity; Public Service; Mentoring award receives a plaque and $1,000.
  • Each recipient of a collaboration award receives a plaque and a portion of the $1,000 amount (divided equally among the USM collaborators).
  • The recipient of the Innovation award will receive a certificate of recognition and $1,000.


Timing of Call for Nominations and Award Announcements


Letters inviting nominations from institutions shall be mailed from the Office of the Chancellor to presidents, provosts, and senate chairs of USM in August of each year. Nominations will be due to the USM Office of Academic Affairs by the first Monday in November. Awards will be announced during a spring meeting of the Board of Regents with suitable ceremony and publicity, including descriptions of faculty achievements.


Faculty Nominee Eligibility


Nominees must meet all of the following criteria:


  • The faculty member(s) being nominated must be currently employed by a USM institution that is headquartered in the U.S. (but the faculty member him/herself need not be physically located in the U.S.) as a tenure-track or non-tenure track faculty member.
  • An individual must have been a USM faculty member for at least five years.
  • The faculty member must have been employed by a USM institution while making the outstanding contributions on which the nomination is based.
  • The period of performance to be considered will be the three-year period ending on June 30 of the year in which the nomination is made for Teaching; Scholarship, Research,