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COVID Task Force Leadership Team

Leadership Team

There is no time more important for collaborative research. This pandemic demands that researchers pull together resources and our best thinking to tackle the challenges before us, and we feel the urgency of the task at hand. Together, researchers across the University System of Maryland will work to serve our state, our region, and our world.

Laurie E. Locascio
Vice President for Research

UMB Interim President Bruce Jarrell
Bruce Jarrell
Interim President
UMCP President Designee Daryll Pines
Darryll Pines
President Designee

UMCP President Designee Daryll Pines
Karl Steiner
Vice President for Research
UMB School of Medicine Associate Dean of Research and Administration - Terry Rogers
Terry Rogers
Associate Dean of Research and Administration, UMB School of Medicine
Vice Chancellor of Communications Tim McDonough
Tim McDonough
Vice Chancellor for Communications and Marketing
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J. Thomas Sadowski, USM COVID Taskforce Chair
J. Thomas Sadowski
Vice Chancellor for Economic Development
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USM experts seek opportunities to collaborate on solutions to the COVID-19 crisis. Now more than ever, partnership is critical.
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