University System of Maryland

Spring 2022 Virtual Recruitment Fairs

Delivered virtually February 23 - June 9, 2022

Next scheduled fair date: June 9

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University System of Maryland

Virtual Recruitment Fairs

Register for the USM Virtual Fair on June 09, 2022

Register for the USM Virtual Fair on June 09, 2022. You will be emailed a confirmation of your reservation and sent a follow up email on the day of the virtual fair. Please submit the information below. If you have pre-registered, please check your email for link to access without having to register again.

Your email will not be shared outside of USM admissions and transfer advisors
Your most recently attended school/institution

By registering for the fair, you will gain access to virtual fairs from these USM institutions:


How are the fairs being delivered?

All virtual fairs are being facilitated virtually through Zoom. Make sure to download the most recent version of zoom for the best experience.

Can I preregister for a fair?

Am I able to register the day of the fair?

Why does the schedule include multiple dates with varying start times?

Can I attend more than one fair?

During the fair, will I be able to visit with more than one institution?

Some of the fairs have certain “Areas of Interest” listed with their dates. What does that mean?

What virtual meeting software will be used for the fairs?


University System of Maryland Institutions

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