Deadlines for Tuition Remission

Summer II 2023
Tuition Remission Deadlines, Information, and Restrictions

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 Limitations and Restrictions

Faculty/Staff Credit Limit

Credit Limits

Start date for Acceptance of forms

Last date for Acceptance of forms

Coppin State University
Self-support programs and courses; study abroad programs are excluded. 8 credits No Limit 04/06/2023 07/10/2023
(Late letter required afterwards)
University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Study Abroad administrative and program fees are not included in Tuition Remission. All non-credit programs and Computer Certificate Programs offered through the Division of Professional Studies or the UMBC Training Centers are excluded. Employees are required to be on payroll as of the first day of classes in order to be eligible to use tuition remission for that semester, even if the employee previously applied for the tuition remission. 8 credits No Limit 04/15/2023 07/01/2023
(Late letter required afterwards)
University of Maryland, College Park
Credit limit is for Summer I and Summer II combined, not 8 credits for each session. 9 Month Graduate Assistants must have an appointment during one of the summer sessions in order to be eligible for tuition remission. Intermediate Math, UM English Inst., and OES Open Learning Non-credit courses are excluded. All graduate programs are reimbursed at the standard graduate tuition rate of $811.90 per credit with cost difference, if any, billed to the student. Please visit for graduate programs with non-standard tuition and fees. Consortium courses will be covered. 8 credits 8 credits 04/11/2023 07/31/2023
(Late letter required afterwards)

Reciprocity Institutions

Baltimore City Community College (BCCC)

Noncredit Courses excluded. No reciprocity for spouses. Retirees and their dependent children are not eligible.

*See full policy on website noted in footnote.

8 credits

No credit limits for Dependents of employees.




(Late letter required after deadline)

Morgan State University (MSU)

Minimum enrollment in all courses to meet costs must occur before tuition remission will be accepted. No reciprocity for Grad Assistants or spouses. Retirees and their/Dependents are not eligible.

*See full policy on website noted in footnote.


8 credits




 MSU accepts TR request for the entire semester until the last day of the semester

(Late letter required after deadline.)

St. Mary’s College of MD (SMCM)


Scholarship awards from St. Mary’s cannot exceed the value of in-state tuition.  Tuition remissions are scholarships and count toward this limit.  Internships, independent studies, and non-credit courses can only be taken with tuition remission if they do not result in additional expense for the College. Spouses, Retirees and Retiree spouses/dependents, & Graduate Assistants are not eligible. Graduate courses are not available for dependents.  Reciprocity for UMB, UB, UMCES, and USMO has been amended. Please consult with your HR Office.

*See full policy on website noted in footnote.


8 credits


4yrs full-time; total maximum of 8 fulltime Fall/Summer and/or Spring semesters, including  semesters when students registered but withdrew or did not attend.



Upon Registration

(Late letter required after deadline.)

Notes and Information

Employee is responsible for researching eligibility for a specific course/program. Tuition Remission program covers tuition only – Fees and books are NOT covered.

If you have a student loan and your tuition remission has not been applied to your account by the designated deadline, your loan will be applied towards your courses per federal requirements.

  • Employees hired prior to 1/1/90: dependents eligible for undergraduate and graduate remission.
  • Employees hired on or after 1/1/90: dependents eligible for undergraduate remission at the institution where employee works; note policy for exceptions.
  • Employee hired on or after July 1, 1992:  two year waiting period and undergraduate remission at the institution where the employee works. 
  • Please refer to the USM Tuition Remission policies for more details:

Further, please be advised that these policies may be revised by the USM-BOR from time to time.

Additionally, refer to the Institution’s website where the course work is being taken for details related to that Institution’s Tuition Remission.  Please verify tuition cost before enrolling.


For information about tax treatment of tuition remission, visit; scroll to” Links to Further HR Information, Policies, and Programs” and then scroll to the Tuition Remission section; then select “Tuition Remission Tax Chart”.

Disclaimer:  Provisions listed above may be revised from time to time and may not be all inclusive in this document.  Final decisions are made at the Institution where the course work is being taken.

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