Average faculty salary
(Indicator Number: 21)

Category: Faculty

What It Measures: Relative financial attractiveness of institution for attracting outstanding faculty

Data Reporting Lag: The reporting for this indicator has a 1 year difference. The latest data available is from 2019 for the indicator reporting year of 2020

Value Comparison: When comparing this value for Adequacy and Improvement, a higher value is better.

Data Source For Indicator Value: AAUP, Annual Survey of Faculty Salaries

Benchmark Set By: Peers


is currently at or above the average of the 3 previous years ($77,904)


is currently below the the benchmark set by Peers ($85,518)

Frostburg State University's peers as of 2015

California State University, Northridge
Sonoma State University
Bridgewater State University
Fitchburg State University
University of Massachusetts - Dartmouth
Kean University
SUNY College at Buffalo
Western Carolina University
Clarion University of Pennsylvania

USM Institutions
Average faculty salary
(Indicator Number: 21)

Bowie State University $80,276
Coppin State University $76,724
Frostburg State University $79,060
Salisbury University $81,041
Towson University $82,547
University of Maryland, Baltimore County $98,950
University of Maryland, College Park $131,945
University of Maryland, Eastern Shore $80,763