Average faculty salary
(Indicator Number: 21)

Category: Faculty

What It Measures: Relative financial attractiveness of institution for attracting outstanding faculty

Data Reporting Lag: The reporting for this indicator has a 1 year difference. The latest data available is from 2019 for the indicator reporting year of 2020

Value Comparison: When comparing this value for Adequacy and Improvement, a higher value is better.

Data Source For Indicator Value: AAUP, Annual Survey of Faculty Salaries

Benchmark Set By: Peers


is currently below the average of the 3 previous years ($81,372)


is currently below the the benchmark set by Peers ($85,518)

Salisbury University's peers as of 2015

Framingham State University
Rowan University
William Paterson University of New Jersey
SUNY College at Brockport
SUNY College at Buffalo
SUNY College at Oswego
Western Carolina University
University of North Carolina at Wilmington (The)
West Chester University of Pennsylvania
Radford University

USM Institutions
Average faculty salary
(Indicator Number: 21)

Bowie State University $80,276
Coppin State University $76,724
Frostburg State University $79,060
Salisbury University $81,041
Towson University $82,547
University of Maryland, Baltimore County $98,950
University of Maryland, College Park $131,945
University of Maryland, Eastern Shore $80,763