Open Educational Resources    

2019 M.O.S.T. State Summit

The second Maryland Open Source Textbook (M.O.S.T.) State Summit on open educational resources (OER) will be held Tuesday, May 28, 2019 from 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. at the Maritime Conference Center.  Co-hosted by the Congress of Academic Library Directors (CALD) of Maryland, this Summit builds on the first M.O.S.T. Summit held in December 2017 with a focus on strategically building capacity within and across Maryland higher education institutions to increase access, affordability, and achievement for students through the incorporation of OER into teaching practice.  This Summit is ideally suited for institutions wishing to send a team of individuals charged with making OER adoptions strategic, sustainable, and impactful at their institution.  Topics that will be featured include:

  • Designing, implementing, and taking an institution’s strategic OER initiative to the next level.
  • Creating support structures for digital rights and accessibility compliance, OER curation and discoverability, and OER quality review processes.
  • Developing strategies to support course redesign, pedagogical innovation, and continuous quality improvement by leveraging the 5Rs of OER.
  • Statewide OER services that can support long-term, statewide scaling and sustainability of fully accessible, openly licensed course materials.
  • Measuring the return on investment of OER initiatives for students and institutions.

All Maryland public and independent 2- and 4-year institutions are invited to attend. We have capacity for up to five individuals per institution.  While sending a team is not required, institutions that send campus leaders who can bring learning back to their institutions will likely benefit most from the format of this Summit.  We suggest sending a team made up of:

  • Faculty poised to be OER champions at their institution.
  • Department chairs/deans.
  • Library staff.
  • Teaching and learning center staff / instructional designers / technologists.
  • Senior leadership (provosts/vice provosts, business officers, CIOs, and the like).
  • Student representatives/advocates.

If you are interested in attending the M.O.S.T. State Summit, please speak with your institutional leadership to discuss joining your institution's team for the Summit.  If you have questions about the M.O.S.T. State Summit, please contact us at