September 17, 2021

Assessing Student Learning

A Different Way to Deliver Student Feedback | Inside Higher Ed

Andrew L. Gillen

Offers some effective lessons from the performing arts related to delivering student feedback.

Getting Creative With Course Assessments | The Chronicle of Higher Education

Beth McMurtrie

In this issue of the Chronicle's Teaching newsletter, the author shares faculty examples of creative assessment strategies, particularly ones that could translate to an online classroom.

Why Open-book Tests Deserve a Place in Your Courses | Faculty Focus
Matt Farrell and Shannon Maheu
Instead of wasting valuable time to deter cheating, open-book tests shift the onus of responsibility onto the students themselves.

Mastery Grading and Academic Honesty
Robert Talbert
Talbert argues that the real cause of the academic honesty problem is a grading system based on students accumulating points rather than mastering learning. Discusses how faculty can set up systems that mitigate cheating while still giving students trust, grace, and lenience through a focus on mastery grading.