September 17, 2021

Exploring Other Technologies

How to Make Smart Choices About Tech for Your Course | The Chronicle of Higher Education
Michelle D. Miller
Choosing the right tech tools for your teaching means making strategic choices, weighing costs against payoffs, and staying laser-focused on your course goals — and that is what this guide aims to help you do. It’s for anyone who is in the process of creating a new course or redesigning an old one and needs advice on which technologies to use, how to use them, and why.
Includes these sections:

Video Production Types | UMCP
Provides an overview of 18 different types of video productions to use when teaching remotely. Adapted from Hansch, Hillers, McConachie, Newman, Schildhauer, & Schmidt (2015) [full citation in document].

How to Give Your Students Better Feedback With Technology | The Chronicle of Higher Education
Holly Fiock, instructional designer in the College of Education at Purdue University and Heather Garcia, instructional design specialist at Oregon State University Ecampus
Though longer than other resources included here, this guide provides a nice breakdown of different ways to offer high-quality feedback to students via technology: