September 17, 2021

Humanizing Online Courses

Teaching for Equity, with Empathy | Indiana University, Bloomington

Jessica Calarco 

The uncertainties surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic are creating tremendous challenges for students, and especially students from vulnerable and marginalized groups. If we fail to support students through these challenges, we risk exacerbating inequalities on campus and making students' trauma worse. As educators, then, we have a responsibility to teach for equity and with empathy. This webinar highlights what that approach looks like in practice, with concrete recommendations for administrators and for instructors teaching on campus and online.

New PocketPD Guide: Humanizing Online Teaching & Learning | The Online Network of Educators
Michelle Pacansky-Brock
Learning online can be an isolating experience that can exacerbate the physiological effects of trauma. Humanizing is the antidote that will support the success of our most vulnerable students and help faculty feel more connected and appreciated too.