Selecting Effective Assessment Technologies Webinar Series, Part I

The Selecting Effective Assessment Technologies webinar series, led by Jennifer M. Harrison, Associate Director for Assessment, Faculty Development Center, UMBC and Sherri N. Braxton, Senior Director, Instructional Technology, UMBC, invites institutional teams to explore three tools: a taxonomy of assessment technologies, a planning process to integrate and systematize outcomes data, and an evaluation tool to consider appropriate tools for programs or institutions.

In this two-hour session, Dr. Harrison and Dr. Braxton will present the three tools, as illustrated by UMBC’s efforts. Between sessions, institutional teams will have an opportunity to apply the tools to their own school or program. The second two-hour session on September 28th will challenge teams to share what they have learned, help refine and improve the tools, and enhance collaborative capacities for data-enriched decision making across the University System of Maryland.

These two sessions are scheduled one week apart to allow time for institutional teams to apply the tools, discuss, and share their examples. It is recommended that participants register for both sessions, though all are welcome to attend either or both sessions.




September 21, 2018, 10 a.m. - 12 p.m.




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