September 17, 2021

Supporting High-Enrollment Courses

A Guide for Implementing Adaptive Courseware: From Planning through Scaling | Association of Public & Land-Grant Universities
High-enrollment courses – whether large, lecture style courses or multi-section courses – can benefit from the use of adaptive learning technologies, which help deliver a personalized learning experience to each student. One of the most promising forms of adaptive technology is adaptive courseware. Adaptive courseware is a digital instruction tool that includes instructional content and assessment that is scoped and sequenced to support an entire course.

Implementing adaptive courseware can be a significant undertaking. This guide aims to help institutions navigate the process by providing:

  • A logical process for implementation, organized into six phases,
  • Specific resources and activities to help institutions navigate each phase,
  • Guidance on how to build support for the initiative and how to involve key stakeholders in the implementation process, and
  • Case studies from partner institutions that demonstrate important takeaways.

Pain Points in Adopting an Adaptive Learning Approach | Educause Review
Charles Dziuban and Connie Johnson Addresses challenges related to faculty student interaction, the transformation of faculty roles, and the transformation of student roles in an adaptive learning context.

Courseware Product Index | EdSurge
A resource tool where faculty can use filters to create a shortlist of courseware products that fit their unique instructional goals.