Initiatives: Leading Academic Change

The Center for Academic Innovation is playing a critical role in bringing together leaders in academic change from across the country to collaborate, share ideas and best practices, and receive professional development. 

Our Work in Leading Academic Change

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October 27, 2015

Academic change is the term being used increasingly to describe universities’ efforts to improve student success by creating optimally effective learning environments that simultaneously increase access, affordability, and quality of higher education for all those who want a postsecondary degree. Institutions are starting to see the vast potential of hybrid classrooms, shared courseware initiatives, open educational resources, competency-based education, learning analytics, and adaptive learning environments and they are seeking ways to scale and sustain these innovations. Among the positive outcomes from these change efforts have been two interesting developments.

May 11, 2015

The Leading Academic Change Summit provides a rare and exciting opportunity for transformation leaders to meet with peers and learn about the portfolios of work underway.  During the highly interactive 2-day conference, participants share insights into how people learn and how that knowledge can be combined with emerging technologies to truly transform and improve the student experience.