May 13, 2015

On April 17, 2015, Dr. Steve Ehrmann gave a talk at the Northeastern Association of Graduate Schools 40th Annual Meeting entitled, Faculty Development for Highly Effective (Online) Programs. 

The talk answered the questions: 

1.Why are so many institutions developing online programs? How can we compete?

2.How many faculty need to be prepared?

3.In what ways do they need to be prepared?

4.How in the world can we pull that off?

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May 11, 2015

Dr. MJ Bishop, director of the Center for Academic Innovation, will deliver the keynote address for the 12th International Conference on Cognition and Exploratory Learning in Digital Age 2015, 24 – 26 October in Maynooth, Greater Dublin, Ireland.

The CELDA conference aims to address the main issues concerned with evolving learning processes and supporting pedagogies and applications in the digital age. There have been advances in both cognitive psychology and computing that have affected the educational arena. The convergence of these two disciplines is increasing at a fast pace and affecting academia and professional practice in many ways.

Paradigms such as just-in-time learning, constructivism, student-centered learning and collaborative approaches have emerged and are being supported by technological advancements such as simulations, virtual reality and multi-agents systems. These developments have created both opportunities and areas of serious concerns.

This conference aims to cover both technological as well as pedagogical issues related to these developments. Main tracks have been identified, however innovative contributions that do not easily fit into these areas will also be considered as long as they are directly related to the overall theme of the conference – cognition and exploratory learning in the digital age.

April 20, 2015

(Adelphi, Md., April 20, 2015) –  At a tribute for retiring Chancellor William E. "Brit" Kirwan, the University System of Maryland Board of Regents announced that it is naming the Center for Academic Innovation for Kirwan. At the event attended by nearly 750 guests, former Board of Regents Chair Cliff Kendall announced "in recognition of your extraordinary leadership of the University System of Maryland, to acknowledge your transformative impact, and to honor your commitment to keep the System on the leading edge of the academic transformation movement, I have the great privilege of announcing that with tonight’s gala we also dedicate the William E. Kirwan Center for Academic Innovation." "It's a fitting way to honor Brit's achievements over the span of an incredible career, and his deep dedication to making higher education more accessible and affordable for everyone," says Center Director MJ Bishop. "We're proud to have the Center carry his name."