Dr. Bishop Presents at LearnLaunch 2015

Across Boundaries: Delivering on Edtech’s Promise

The purpose of Across Boundaries is to promote dialogue about digital learning. Our 3rd annual conference will examine how the most promising digital tools are being implemented in educational settings to increase student learning. The conference brought together a diverse set of voices to discuss the most challenging questions facing the edtech industry today.

Dr. Bishop participated on the panel entitled, College of the Future: How Edtech is Pushing Instructional Models

Higher education institutions are expected to provide a high quality education at a low cost, as well as retain more students. This panel will address how universities are using edtech to push their instructional models, how the sector is deploying innovations and new technologies to meet these challenges, and how colleges and universities with independent faculty implement instructional innovations.

•Jim Honan: Senior Lecturer on Education, Harvard Graduate School of Education (Moderator)
•Nick Ducoff: Vice President for New Ventures, Northeastern University
•Brian White: Assistant Professor of Biology, University of Massachusetts Boston
•MJ Bishop: Director of the Center for Academic Innovation, University System of Maryland

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