Instructor Led Training Information

Embark on an enriching journey of knowledge with our instructor-led training sessions, tailor-made for your learning needs. Our team of experienced professionals will guide you step by step, ensuring you gain a strong grasp of the platform and the confidence to use it effectively.

Key Highlights:

  • Prerequisites: Watching the comprehensive CBT (Computer-Based Training) video series is a prerequisite before attending the instructor-led sessions. This essential preparation will help equip you with a solid understanding of Workday basics, ensuring you’re fully prepared to engage and benefit from the subsequent live training.
  • Blended Learning Approach: Our training combines the self-paced flexibility of CBT videos with the interactive dynamics of instructor-led sessions, offering an effective and engaging learning experience.
  • Interactive Workday Functionality Demos: Dive into 90-minute interactive sessions designed to showcase Workday’s capabilities through real-time scenarios. Discover a wide range of functionalities and engage in discussions with our Workday instructors.
  • Registration Details: Mark your calendar—registration opens on April 22 at 12:00 PM. This is your chance to learn how to use Workday efficiently. Please visit our Training Schedule page to secure your spot in our training sessions. Please visit our Training Schedule page to register for your training sessions.

Structured around security roles, this training ensures that the content is directly relevant to your specific needs. Participants are encouraged to refer to the training maps as needed to maximize their learning experience. Join us to not only gain knowledge but also to build competence and confidence in navigating Workday

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Instructor Led Training Courses

CourseCourse DescriptionCourse LengthRequired Security RolesPrerequisite
Academic AppointmentsExplore academic staffing processes in Workday with our course. This program provides a comprehensive understanding of the functionalities associated with adding, updating, and ending academic appointments.

90 minutes- Academic Faculty Action Initiator
- Academic Partner
- Workday Basics 101 CBT
- Academic Appointments

Optional: HR Fundamentals
Customer EventsImmerse yourself in the nuances of customer account management and billing within Workday with our tailored training course. This program is designed to equip you with an in-depth understanding of the maintenance and management of customer accounts, as well as the intricacies of customer contracts and billing.

90 minutes- Customer Billing Specialist
- Customer Collection Specialist
- Collections Manager
- Customer Contract Specialist
- Customer Payment Specialist
- Customer Refund Specialist
- Accounts Receivable Operations Lead
- Workday Basics CBT
- Customer Change Events CBT
- Customer Events CBT
- Customer Payments CBT
HR FundamentalsImmerse yourself in the dynamic world of HR management with our comprehensive training course. This course will cover many processes related to managing jobs and compensation.

90 minutes- HR Partner
- Academic HR Partner
- Compensation Partner
- HCM Action Initiator
- HR Specialist
- Workday Basics 101 CBT
- HR Fundamentals CBT
Purchase Orders and Requisitions for Procurement Staff OnlyBoost your procurement proficiency with this course. This training dives into the heart of Workday's purchase requisitioning process, covering critical topics such as issuing and modifying purchase orders, and delving into the nuances of requisition sourcing.

90 minutes- Buyer
- Procurement Operations Lead
- Workday Basics 101 CBT
- Requisitions and Receipts CBT
- Edit Purchase Orders and Change Orders CBT
Payroll AccountingEmbark on a journey to master the nuances of payroll accounting within Workday in this engaging course. Participants learn about crucial areas such as assigning costing allocations to contractual and PIN workers, ensuring precision in budgeting and financial planning. The course also delves into the creation of payroll accounting adjustments, empowering attendees with the skills to manage and rectify payroll discrepancies effectively. 90 minutes- Central Office Payroll Costing Specialists
- Sponsor Program Manager
- Department Payroll Costing Specialists
- HCM Action Initiator
- Payroll Accounting Adjustment Specialist

Note: subject to change.
- Workday Basics 101 CBT
- Payroll Accounting CBT
Recruiting FundamentalsStep into the dynamic world of recruitment in Workday with our insightful course. This training is designed to equip you with comprehensive knowledge of creating job requisition for academic and non-academic positions.

90 minutes- HCM Action Initiator- Workday Basics 101 CBT
- Job Requisition Processes for Non-HR CBT
Supplier Accounts Dive into the essentials of Workday's supplier invoice management in this dynamic course. Participants will learn the practical skills needed for creating supplier invoices from purchase orders, generating invoice requests, and crafting invoices directly from contracts. The course also covers effective strategies for finding invoices, resolving match exceptions, troubleshooting payment issues, and identifying payment statuses. 90 minutes-Accounts Payable Data Entry Specialist
- Accounts Payable Operations Lead
- Accounts Payable Analyst
- Accounts Payable Settlement Specialist
- Workday Basics 101 CBT
- Supplier Accounts CBT

Learning Labs

Learning Labs Overview

  • Interactive Support Environment: Learning Labs are designed to complement your Computer-Based Training (CBT) and Instructor Led Training (ILT) experience. They serve as a dynamic space where you can delve deeper into what you’ve learned, ask questions, and see demos.
  • Practice and Clarification: This is your opportunity to engage directly with our Workday experts, ensuring you can apply knowledge effectively in real-world scenarios.
  • Optional Yet Beneficial: Participation in Learning Labs is entirely optional, offering a flexible approach to enhance your learning journey according to your specific needs.
CourseCourse DescriptionCourse LengthRequired Security RolesPrerequisite
Workday Basics 101Welcome to Workday Basics, a unique, interactive session designed to enrich your Computer-Based Training (CBT) with practical, demos to help you better understand the basics of Workday. In this supportive and informal setting, you'll delve into Workday's fundamental features including general navigation, the customization of your app menu, entering time and absence information, and keeping your personal information up to date.

Sessions from May 29 to June 25 will be led by instructors and feature hands on practice. Starting on June 26, sessions are designed to allow you to drop in at any time during the session to ask questions and receive training on how to use Workday.

90 minutes- Employee as Self- Workday Basics 101 CBT
- Manage Personal Information CBT
- Enter, View, and Submit Time CBT
- Absence and Time Off Management CBT
Workday Basics for ManagersJoin us for the "Workday Basics for Managers Learning Lab," interactive session designed to boost your managerial efficiency within Workday.

The lab focuses on enhancing your skills in managing My Tasks, from mastering approvals to learning the 'send back' and 'save for later' features.

Sessions from May 29 to June 24 will be led by instructors and feature hands on practice. Starting on July 2, sessions are designed to allow you to drop in at any time during the session to ask questions and receive training on how to use Workday as it relates to your manager role.
90 minutes- Manager- Workday Basics 101 CBT
- Workday Basics 102 CBT
- Reports and Dashboards in Workday CBT
Requisitions and Punch Outs This session allows you to ask questions on the practical application of requisitions and punch outs in Workday to help you do them successfully.
90 minutes- Requester
- Workday Basics 101 CBT
- Receipt and Requisition Event CBT
Expenses (Post Go Live)Welcome to the Expenses Learning Lab. This learning lab is the perfect place to have your questions about spend authorizations and expense reports answered.

90 minutes- Employee as Self- Workday Basics CBT
- Spend Authorizations and Expense Reports CBT
HCM Please join us for our HCM Learning Lab to get your questions answered about job requisitions, hiring, changing jobs, academic appointments, and more as you work through these processes live in Workday. You can drop in at at time during a session to receive training help on tasks you are working on in Workday.90 minutes

Please note: some sessions may be 120 minutes.
- Academic Faculty Action Initiator
- Academic Partner
- HR Partner
- Compensation Partner
- HCM Action Initiator
- HR Specialist
- Workday Basics 101 CBT and attending ILTs