Workday training officially starts May 2024.

Staff and faculty will be trained through a mix of On-Demand Computer-Based Training (CBT), Instructor-Led Training (ILT), Learning Labs, and job aids, tailored to their specific roles in Workday. Key points include:

  • CBT Courses: Accessible through Workday Learning for flexible, self-paced learning.
  • ILT and Learning Labs: Offer interactive learning with Workday experts.
  • Mandatory Courses: All users must complete core courses, with additional requirements for managers and report users.
  • Role-Specific Training Maps: Available to guide users through the training relevant to their Workday security roles.
  • Job Aids: Provided for on-the-spot assistance and reference post-training.

Training is designed to be comprehensive, ensuring staff and faculty are well-prepared for Workday with the knowledge and skills necessary for their roles. For more detailed information on specific courses and enrollment, visit the following pages:

Determining the right training for your role in Workday is a straightforward process, guided by the specific security role(s) you will hold within the system. Here’s how you can identify the appropriate training courses:

  1. Understand Your Security Role: Your management chain or institution’s administrative team will provide information about your specific security role(s) in Workday. If you’re unsure about your role, please check with your manager or administrative contact for clarification.

  2. Review Training Maps: Visit our Training Pathways by Role page, which illustrates the recommended training pathway based on your security role. These maps are designed to help you understand the sequence of training you need to undertake to be prepared for go-live and beyond.

  3. Complete Essential Courses: All users are required to take the Workday Basics 101 course, the Reports and Dashboards in Workday course, the Manage Personal Information in Workday course, Enter, View, and Submit Time course, Absence and Time Off Management course, and the Expenses course. Additionally, all managers must complete the Workday Basics 102 course.

  4. Refer to On-Demand and Instructor-Led Training Pages: Navigate to the On-Demand Computer-Based Training (CBT) Course List Page and the Instructor-Led Training (ILT) and Learning Labs Course List Page. These resources will provide you with a detailed list of the CBTs, ILTs, and learning labs relevant to your role, including any prerequisites.

  5. Access Computer Based Training Through Workday Learning: Once you’ve identified your required On Demand Computer Based Training courses, you can enroll and access them directly through Workday Learning for a flexible and self-paced learning experience.

  6. Utilize Job Aids: Supplement your training with job aids available on the Training Maps. These aids are designed to reinforce learning, provide quick references, and ensure you have the support needed to succeed in Workday. These will be accessible in Workday Learning.

By following these steps and utilizing the resources provided, you will be equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate Workday effectively and fulfill your role with confidence.

The computer based training courses will include optional knowledge check questions to reinforce key concepts throughout the course. However, these questions are not graded, and there is no final test at the end of a computer based training course that you must pass.

Once you’ve registered for an Instructor-Led Training (ILT) session or Learning Lab via Zoom, you’ll receive an email confirmation from MD Connect, Maryland Connect Training, or Zoom that includes the direct link to join your scheduled training session. Additionally, this email provides an option to add the event to your calendar, ensuring you have all the details handy when it’s time for your session.

Key Steps:

  • Check Your Email: Look for the confirmation email from MD Connect, Maryland Connect Training, or Zoom in the inbox of the email address you used to register. This email contains the necessary link to access your training session.

  • Calendar Reminder: Use the option in the confirmation email to add the training session to your calendar. This serves as a helpful reminder and provides easy access to the session link at the scheduled time.

  • Need the Link Again?: If for any reason you can’t find the confirmation email or need the access link resent to you, please contact mdconnect@usmd.edu. Our team will assist you by resending the link and ensuring you have everything you need to participate in your training session.

You can access the On-Demand Computer-Based Training (CBT) courses directly through Workday Learning, providing a seamless and flexible learning experience tailored to your needs.

For any questions specific to training, please feel free to reach out to us via email at mdconnect@usmd.edu. We’re here to help with any inquiries you might have!

Start Your Training Journey: 

  • How to Access Workday Learning: Confirm that you can log into Workday Learning where all CBTs are hosted. Knowing how to navigate this platform is essential for accessing your training materials. This will be available the week of May 13. 
  • Begin with Workday Basics 101 CBT: Jumpstart your learning with this foundational course, available right now on Workday Learning. This CBT covers essential functionalities such as navigation, My Tasks, Worker Profile and more, setting you up with the basic knowledge required for more advanced topics. 
  • Plan to Attend Workday Basics 101 Learning Lab: Register to join this optional session once it starts. It’s a perfect opportunity to see live demonstrations and directly engage with our instructors for answers to your questions. 

Build on Your Knowledge: 

  • Advance Through Role-Specific CBTs: Continue your education with CBTs tailored for your role as an employee. These trainings focus on the tasks and functions you’ll perform regularly, ensuring you are well-prepared for daily operations. Work your way through the CBTs for employee as self. 
  • Review the Cross Walk Glossary on Workday Learning: Familiarize yourself with the terms and definitions that will be used in both ILT and Learning Labs, ensuring you can follow along effectively and engage in discussions.  
  1. Prepare for Instructor-Led Training: 
  • Complete Prerequisites: Before attending any ILT sessions, it’s critical to complete the associated prerequisite CBTs listed on our training site after completing Workday Basics 101 CBT. This preparation will enable you to engage more deeply during the ILT and understand complex topics. 
  • Check Prerequisites and Session Details: Visit this link for a full list of ILT prerequisites and detailed session information. 

Two Days Before for Instructor Led Training and Learning Labs Tips: 

  • Complete any remaining prerequisites for your instructor led training and/or learning labs. 
  • Prepare any questions from watching the prerequisite computer based training. 
  • Locate Confirmation Emails: Ensure you have the Zoom link or “Join Meeting” button ready by locating the email from MDConnect or Maryland Connect Training. 
  • Utilize Calendar Invites: Use the calendar invite link from MDConnect to join your training session if you don’t have the link from step 1. 

Training Day and During Training Sessions for Instructor Led Training and Learning Labs: 

  • Engage Actively: Arrive on time, minimize distractions, and fully participate. Your engagement is crucial. 
  • Ask Questions: Leverage the expertise of our instructors by asking insightful questions based on your CBT learnings. Drop your questions into chat or raise your hand. Come off mute during the Q & A to ask your questions. 
  • Reach out to mdconnect@usmd.edu if you can’t access your training session 

By following these steps, you’re not just learning a new system; you’re preparing to be ready for training and to make the best of our training whether it is computer based training, instructor led training, or learning labs. We are here to support you, and by taking these actions, you’ll set yourself up for success with training and Workday. 

Workday will introduce a new vocabulary, replacing a number of our existing terms. For your convenience, a comprehensive terminology crosswalk Glossary will be provided when training is deployed. For more details, please refer to Commonly Used Terms.

The time commitment for Workday training varies depending on the security roles assigned to staff and faculty. As each role requires a different set of skills and knowledge, the curriculum—and therefore, the time commitment—differs from one individual to another. Detailed information on the duration of each course is provided alongside the respective course descriptions. This ensures that participants can plan accordingly, balancing their training needs with their work schedules. For a complete overview of your required courses and their time commitments, please refer to the course listings on our On Demand Computer Based Training page and our Instructor Led Training and Learning Labs page.

As a supervisor, your role in communicating to those you manage about Workday training is crucial. Please direct your team members to the training section of our Maryland CONNECT program website for comprehensive information on the available training courses tailored to their roles. Additionally, emphasize the importance of staying attentive to any training-related emails that will be sent out in Spring and Summer 2024. These communications will include essential details on training schedules, enrollment instructions, and how to access training materials. Encouraging your team to prioritize these resources will ensure they are well-prepared for the transition to Workday.

We are not planning to provide department-specific training.

While we don’t have access to a traditional sandbox environment, we do have the option to practice within the Workday Learning training tenant environment.

However, it’s important to note that this training tenant environment is not supported for troubleshooting issues. Additionally, any changes or progress made within this training environment will not carry over to the live Workday system at the time of the go-live date in Summer 2024.

We understand the value of hands-on practice and appreciate your eagerness to familiarize yourselves with Workday. While the training tenant can provide some level of practice, we encourage everyone to utilize other available resources and preparatory materials to ensure readiness for the transition.

Should you encounter any questions or need assistance during your practice sessions, please feel free to reach out for guidance. We’re here to support you every step of the way as we prepare for the launch of Workday in the summer of 2024.

To explore demonstrations of Workday’s key business processes, we encourage you to engage with the simulations provided in our on-demand courses. These simulations offer practical insights into navigating and utilizing Workday effectively. For a broader overview and a glimpse into the capabilities and features of Workday, don’t miss our sneak preview videos available on our page,A New Workday!These resources are designed to familiarize you with Workday’s environment and functionalities, ensuring you are well-prepared for go live and beyond.

The training environment/tenant has the latest configuration and converted data as of a given date. Data will continue to be refined outside of the training environment, which you will see at Go Live.