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September 17, 2021

Online Teaching Resources

Resources posted here are focused on supporting faculty, teaching and learning centers, and higher education instructional designers as our institutions plan for face-to-face, online, and hybrid/hyflex teaching. These pages will be checked and updated periodically.

Spotlight on Local Resources

Understanding Students' Readiness to Learn | Kirwan Center + Working Group
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Students’ experiences from the spring may impact how ready they are to learn coming into this semester.  It’s possible to find out about students’ readiness to learn through short, simple activities. These are typically ungraded exercises that could still count toward participation. They can be stand alone or be appended to traditional homework or quizzes. Once you know where students are starting from in terms of their knowledge, motivation, and feelings you can explore ways to adjust instruction to address the difficulties they are having.

Responding to Academic Integrity Concerns: What Can Faculty Do? | USM OnTrack
Led by presenters from the International Center for Academic Integrity (ICAI), this workshop focused on how faculty can handle academic integrity concerns in an educational/formative way, considering several contextual factors, with a particular focus on how faculty can respond in this way in an online environment (synchronous or asynchronous). View the video here.

Got You, Not Gotcha: Promoting Integrity through Best Practices in Online Learning | UMGC
UMGC professionals from curriculum design/development, educational technology, academic integrity, and writing across the curriculum share strategies to enhance the student experience and motivate students to work with greater integrity in the online environment. View the video here.

Balancing Student Privacy and Accessibility | USM OnTrack
Provides guidance on best practices for balancing student privacy and accessibility in an online environment.

Academic Integrity as a Teaching and Learning Issue | USM OnTrack
Overview of authentic assessment as a key driver of integrity-related behaviors among students.

M.O.S.T. Commons: A Resource to Support the Shift to Remote Teaching | Maryland Open Source Textbook (M.O.S.T.) Initiative
The M.O.S.T. Commons is a source for online, openly licensed instructional materials. The site includes openly licensed texts, videos, simulations, labs, and other content that can help faculty transition from face-to-face to online teaching. This overview provides information about M.O.S.T. supports and how they can help you.

Suggested Resources by Category

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