Jump start your journey to mastering Workday with our engaging “Wake Up with Workday” sessions! Designed to offer a sneak peek into the transformative features of Workday, these sessions are the perfect first step towards navigating and using Workday with confidence. Experience live demos of Workday and gain valuable insights into:

  • Self-Service Tasks: Navigate personal information and more with unparalleled ease.
  • Expenses Management: See firsthand how Workday streamlines expense reporting.
  • Time and Absence Management: Discover tools for effortlessly entering time and absence requests into Workday.

Beyond these demos, “Wake Up with Workday” is your gateway to essential training resources. We’ll guide you through:

  • Training Schedule: Learn where to find the comprehensive training calendar, ensuring you’re up-to-date with all upcoming sessions.
  • Finding Course Descriptions: Learn where to locate detailed descriptions of each training session, providing you with insights into what to expect, the topics covered, and how they relate to your roles and responsibilities within Workday.
  • Training Maps: Understand precisely which training sessions align with the security roles you’ll hold in Workday—tailoring your learning path to your specific needs.
  • Registration Details: Get information on how to sign up for and access training sessions, so you’re prepared well in advance.

As Workday’s go-live in July 2024 approaches, these preview sessions serve a dual purpose: they not only familiarize you with Workday’s key features, ensuring a smooth transition, but also spark excitement for the comprehensive training program ahead. By getting a sneak peek into what Workday offers, you’ll be better prepared to embrace the full training, ready to leverage Workday to its fullest from the very start.

Don’t miss this opportunity to kickstart your Workday learning journey. By signing up for these sessions, you’re not just preparing for a new system; you’re setting the stage for a transformative experience that will enhance how you work every day. Let’s build momentum together for the training and changes ahead, ensuring you’re not just ready but eager to adopt Workday and make the most of its capabilities at go-live.

Session Scheduling Notes:

  • Training Overview & Employee Self-Service: The sessions scheduled for April 9 and 10 are identical. You need to sign up for only one of these sessions to learn about navigating personal information and more with unparalleled ease.

  • Training Overview & Expenses: For the sessions on April 16 and 18, both cover the same content. Please choose only one session to attend to see firsthand how Workday streamlines expense reporting.

  • Training Overview & Time and Absence: The sessions addressing this topic are also identical. Sign up for just one session to discover tools for effortlessly entering time and absence requests into Workday.

Registration Process for Wake Up With Workday:

  • Mandatory to Register: All participants must register to attend a session.
  • Zoom Confirmation: Once registered, you will receive a confirmation email from MD Connect, Maryland  Connect Training, or Zoom. This email will include the link to your session and an option to add the training session to your calendar for convenience.

Wake Up With Workday Sessions

DateTimeTopicRegistration LinkRecording Link
April 9 & 1010:00 AMTraining overview and employee self serviceRegistration ClosedClick Here to Watch
April 16 & 1710:00 AMTraining overview and expensesRegistration ClosedClick Here to Watch
April 23 & 2410:00 AMTraining overview and time and absence management overviewRegistration ClosedClick Here to Watch