(Approved by the Board of Regents, December 10, 1993)
    I. GENERAL POLICY  The University of Maryland System seeks to
       provide salaries for faculty that are adequate to attract and
       retain individuals with the qualifications and level of
       performance necessary for the University System and each of
       its constituent institutions to reach and to maintain the
       highest levels of excellence in education.
       To this end, the UMS shall seek increases in funding to attain
       and to maintain a faculty salary structure for each of its
       constituent institutions which is merit-based and in which the
       average faculty salary is at or above the 85th percentile of
       that institution's classification group.
       The American Association of University Professors (AAUP)
       annually conducts and publishes a national survey of salaries
       for "instructional faculty."  The AAUP salary information
       shall constitute the data base for implementation of this
       policy.  However, this policy shall apply to all persons
       defined as faculty by the University of Maryland System,
       whether or not they satisfy the AAUP definition of
       "instructional faculty."
       With the exception of the University of Baltimore Law School
       and the professional schools at UMAB, each institution's
       classification group shall be the set of all public colleges
       and universities included in its Carnegie classification.
       Placement of UMS institutions within a Carnegie category shall
       be made annually by the Chancellor based on the application of
       Carnegie classification criteria to the most recent available
       data on each institution.
       Comparisons for the University of Baltimore Law School and the
       professional schools at UMAB shall be based on relevant
       national data for each of the respective schools.
       Salary increases for current faculty shall be based on merit,
       and shall be determined on the basis of exceptionally
       effective teaching, scholarship and public service.  Equity
       considerations may be taken into account in awarding salary

      II. IMPLEMENTATION  The Chancellor, in consultation with the
       presidents, shall develop implementation guidelines for this
       policy which shall be based on evaluation of faculty merit
       using appropriate measures of faculty productivity.
       Consistent with this policy, these guidelines shall include a
       set of salary ranges for each faculty rank at each institution
       and a common format for an annual report by each institution
       to the Regents accounting for its use of merit funds for
       salary increases and may include salary ranges.
  III. REPLACEMENT FOR  Sections II B and C of UMS BOR VII-4.01,
       BOR III-14.00, BOT VII-K