The USM “E&E 2.0” Initiative:

Saving Taxpayer Dollars, Spurring Innovation, and Improving Student Outcomes

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Effectiveness and Efficiency 2.0, known as “E&E 2.0”, is a critical new phase of the University System of Maryland’s (USM) legacy of efforts to yield savings and cost avoidance while enhancing quality.

Under the E&E 2.0 Initiative, the USM is exploring such practices as streamlining outdated procurement policies and expanding the use of analytics tools to increase student success. E&E 2.0 will also examine other near-term plans for high-impact efficiency initiatives, including faculty retirement programs to renew faculty and take full advantage of emerging academic opportunities.

A longer-term E&E framework will promote further innovation, entrepreneurship, and accountability.

Several guiding principles frame the plan, including an emphasis on collaboration and inter-institutional activities and a commitment to optimal use of technology in campus and system-wide operations.

Via this page, members of the USM community and any other interested stakeholders can send feedback and suggestions on USM’s E&E efforts to the email address provided below:

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E&E 2.0 stems from a long tradition in the USM of finding efficiencies in its operations. Over its 25-year history, the USM has consistently strengthened its stewardship role as its mission has expanded and environmental conditions have changed.

The USM launched its original Effectiveness and Efficiency Initiative in 2003-04 to manage a number of unprecedented challenges prevalent at that time. Those challenges included declining state aid; rising costs in energy and health care; rising demands on higher education in an economy increasingly based on knowledge and information; and surging enrollment from the "baby boom echo."

A 10th Anniversary Report to the Board of Regents in April 2013 on this first round of USM Effectiveness and Efficiency Initiatives documented $356 million in cumulative savings. During fiscal year 2015 (a period ending June 30, 2015), total savings had grown to $544.8 million.

In fall 2014, USM Board of Regents chair James L. Shea charged a new E&E 2.0 Workgroup to create a structure for enhancing USM’s role in increasing the value of higher education to the benefit of Maryland citizens, all while reducing costs. The Board of Regents on Feb. 13, 2015 approved the E&E 2.0 Initiative.



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