Office of Articulation

The primary goal of the USM Office of Articulation is to facilitate the movement of students between and among USM institutions, secondary schools, community colleges and other educational segments. Specifically, it improves the efficiency of transfer of students by enhancing the quality of articulation services and coordination among and between secondary and postsecondary education segments. The following describes the key objectives and activities of the Office:

  • Coordinate the implementation of Board of Regents policies in the various academic and student support areas, including admissions, advising, transfer articulation, financial aid, and, records and registration.
  • Work with the University System of Maryland - Maryland Association of Community Colleges Joint Leadership Council to implement strategies to improve and enhance the transfer student experience.
  • Work with the Maryland State Department of Education to implement a comprehensive Career Connections system.
  • Provide transfer information to students.
  • Coordinate information retrieval, input and verification required for ARTSYS - the on-line transfer articulation system.
  • Enhance the implementation of ARTSYS at the institutions.
  • Determine Users’ needs and enhance User satisfaction with ARTSYS.
  • Develop a Statewide process of discipline-based articulation.
  • Develop a Statewide process for the review of general education.
  • Enhance communication among educational segments.
  • Improve the efficiency of transfer students’ academic status assessment.
  • Increase access to transfer information through the development of new technologies.


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