Office of Human Resources

For a listing of the 12 Institutions Human Resources Offices throughout the USM, please click here: Systemwide Human Resources.

On behalf of the Regents and the Chancellor, the USM Office of Human Resources is responsible for the management of Staff employees throughout the USM, as well as the Systemwide strategic planning, development of programs, and coordination of Human Resources related matters. In conjunction with the 12 Institutions Human Resources Directors, the Office develops and recommends to the Chancellor and the Regents policies and procedures applicable to all Nonexempt and Exempt Staff employees; in regard to benefits, Faculty employees are included as well. The Office is also responsible for overseeing USM implementation of State and Federal regulations and laws related to Human Resources programs. The Office represents the System on all HR matters with the State of Maryland Department of Budget and Management-Personnel Management Services. Additionally, the Office provides management and Human Resources services for the USMO Staff employees.

USM Office HR Staff


    Employee Performance Evaluation - Performance Development Process (PDP) form

    Employee Performance Evaluation - PDP Instructions

    USM Administrative Office Holiday Calendar

    Holiday Leave Procedure (Related to Policy VII-7.30)

    Teleworking at USMO - Policy

    Teleworking at USMO - Request Form

    Policy on Training and Development

    Sexual Harassment Training: Your Rights and Responsibilities

    Policy and Procedure on Sexual Harassment

    Procedures for Reporting Suspected Child Abuse and Neglect

Employee Benefits:
Benefit Summary For USM Office Nonexempt Status Positions

Benefit Summary For USM Office Exempt Status Positions

Systemwide Human Resources