Capital Planning

The Capital Planning Office coordinates the development and approval of the annual capital budget and the 5 & 10 year Capital Improvement Program (CIP). Office staff guide the CIP request through an iterative cycle of development, review, approval, submission, and funding with institutional presidents, the Regents, the Governor's budget departments, and the budget committees of the General Assembly. The Office follows a parallel process for the System-funded auxiliary project construction program (SFCP).

The Office coordinates Facilities Master Plan reviews and approval. We provide technical assistance and support to institutions on matters related to the capital budget, facilities development, maintenance and environmental health & safety; and we offer a single point of contact for institutions and State agencies in related matters. The Office also oversees the facilities-related activities of the USM Environmental Sustainability Initiative, including green buildings, energy conservation, and waste management.

The Capital Planning Office seeks the means to effectively and economically incorporate the Regents' Capital Initiatives in the development of budget priorities. These include:


  • Accommodate enrollment growth
  • Improve teaching and learning environments
  • Accommodate expanding research programs
  • Repair and rebuild facilities assets and infrastructure
  • Build campus communities (housing and student services)
  • Modernize campus facilities (eliminate physical and functional obsolescence)
  • Provide the latest technology in classrooms and instructional labs
  • Reduce the climate-related impact of each campus

Departmental Objectives


  • Plan land use, facilities and funding programs well into the future
  • Maintain an organized capital queue of qualified projects
  • Respect both institutional priorities and the established capital queue
  • Tie capital plans to strategic plans (academic, regulatory, financial, etc.)
  • Collect, use, and disseminate appropriate/accurate data
  • Evaluate and monitor progress of both budget and individual projects
  • Make capital maintenance and renovation a priority

The Office of Capital Planning is charged, as our highest priority, to serve the students, faculty and staff who live, study and work in campus buildings. We desire to provide adequate, safe, functional, and comfortable facilities with minimal impact on the natural environment.

We are eager to provide the very best information, analysis and professional advice to the Board of Regents in their decision-making. Similarly, we seek to provide the support necessary to help achieve the development goals of each institution. We work directly with (and for) the Board, institutional presidents, vice presidents, facilities directors, capital budget staff, and project managers. We are vocal advocates for their projects at the State level and make every attempt to collect and disseminate information to and from the institutions in a timely fashion.

Finally, we understand our role to serve the people of Maryland, and we encourage and support the agencies and committees who oversee budget development and funding in both the Executive and Legislative branches.



Mark Beck
Director of Capital Planning
Adelphi Phone: 301.445.1984
Baltimore Phone: 410.576.5741

Cassie Bucko
System Budget Analyst


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Regional Centers

Most Recent Capital Budget Instructions

FY2026 Capital Budget Cover Letter
FY2026 Capital Budget Instructions
FY2026 Capital Forms and Information

Capital Budget Information

Overview of USM Capital Budgeting Process

Capital budget instructions are mailed to the institutions in February of each year.  The Board of Regents then approves a Ten Year Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) and a Five Year System Funded Construction Program (SFCP) in June.  Copies of these documents are available in electronic format from the Capital Planning office.  Please contact Mark Beck for more information.

Process for Determining Capital Priorities for the State Request

Historical State Support for USM Capital Budget

State of Maryland Capital Budget resources, including the current State Capital Improvement Program (CIP), historical State capital funding, Statewide capital budget instructions, and the guide for preparation of Architectural Facility Programs can be found at the Department of Budget & Management

Capital Budget information from the current (or most recent) legislative session, including analysis and enacted capital budgets, can be found HERE.

Capital budget information from prior sessions can be found HERE

Planning Resources

Facilities Master Plan Preparation Guide (rev 7-22-22)

Master Plan Presentation Schedule (rev 2-28-24)

Links to Current Facilities Master Plan Documents

USM Facilities Renewal Program

USM Environmental Sustainability Initiative and capital facilities

Annual Report of the Maryland Green Building Council

Annual space inventory and space surplus/deficiency reports by each institution as part of the Space Guidelines Application Program (SGAP) are available from the Office of Capital Planning. 

Statewide Report on the Maryland Capital Improvement Planning Process and Capital Facilities Space Guidelines for Higher Education

Capital Investment Workgroup of the Commission to Develop the Maryland Model for Funding Higher Education

Research Space Guidelines for Maryland Four Year Public Colleges (2016)

Project Management Information

UMB A/E/C Service Center (providing project management services to institutions in the Baltimore region)

UMCP A/E/C Service Center (providing project management services to all other institutions Statewide)