Diversity and Affirmative Action Initiatives



The University System of Maryland actively promotes a greater awareness of and appreciation for diversity. Various student, faculty, and staff groups work collaboratively with the administration of the USM institutions to meet the increasingly difficult challenges of a diverse world. The goals of the diversity and affirmative action initiatives are to:

USM Inclusion and Diversity Council(2016) - Information Forthcoming

  • Develop proactive measures to ensure equal opportunity in education and employment;
  • Promote an inclusive USM community grounded in respect for each individual;
  • Foster welcoming campus environments;
  • Provide learning opportunities to expand diversity awareness and understanding;
  • Educate students, faculty, staff, and external community about the value of diversity and its importance to the attainment of excellence; and
  • Submit annual progress reports on institutional programs of cultural diversity to the Board of Regents.

USM Institutions' Diversity Initiatives

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