Statement by USM Chancellor Jay A. Perman on Reversal of ICE Policy on International Students

Baltimore, Md. (July 14, 2020) -- On behalf of the University System of Maryland, our Board of Regents, our presidents, and—most importantly—the 5,300-plus students with F-1 visas enrolled at our institutions, I’m pleased that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is abandoning plans to bar international students taking only online courses from residing in the United States.

Rescinding the policy guidance of July 6 means these international students will no longer be at risk of deportation. It means our universities can continue critical efforts to reduce campus density in response to COVID-19. And it means our state and our nation will continue to reap the sizable benefits of welcoming international students.

ICE’s course-correction is a testament to the higher education community across the country. We stood as one against this capricious, misguided decision—a decision that would have harmed our students and our work.

As I said yesterday, it’s gratifying that the brightest, most ambitious students want to learn in the U.S., at the world’s very best universities. It’s equally gratifying that these international students enrich the educational experience for all of our students, broadening perspectives, challenging biases, and deepening global understanding. This is education. This remains our mission.


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