A Message from the President

To the University System of Maryland Community:

There is no question that the past few months have been difficult for our state and country. With policy changes coming out of the White House almost daily which target and hurt our most vulnerable communities and students, the way that our institutions and system respond to these unjust and heartless actions is absolutely crucial. Discriminatory and hateful behavior is not new to the students on the campuses in our state. But as the representatives of the 170,000+ students in the University System of Maryland (USM), we are committed to action and change which creates a more safe and equitable environment for every single student.

The University System of Maryland Student Council (USMSC) Executive Board is committed to aggressive advocacy for policy changes that support our students. We will hold policymakers and universities accountable for their decisions in order to maintain and build the integrity of the USM; our highest priority is to remind administrators, regents, and policymakers of who their decisions impact most: the students in the University System of Maryland. As consumers who are paying thousands of dollars in tuition to receive a higher education, we must have a place at the table when important decisions are made. While prestige and innovation are important, it is clear that we must first take a step back and ensure that our current students are safe, supported, and on a path to success.

We have brilliant minds returning to our campuses this fall; some just beginning their journey to a bachelor�s or graduate degree; others entering their final year and ready to graduate and start a career. I encourage all students to find new ways to be supportive of each other, to help those who are struggling, and to do your part to create a more inclusive community.

I wish you all the best on a successful school year ahead.

In solidarity,
Caden Fabbi

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