Fiscal and Business Affairs

Resolution Authorizing the Assistant Vice Chancellor
for Financial Affairs to Approve Changes of Signatures on Bank Accounts
Policy for Capitalization and Inventory Control VIII-1.10
Policy on Disposal of Surplus Personal Property VIII-1.20
Policy on Lost or Abandoned Currency or Tangible
Personal Property on University System Premises
Policy on Withdrawal of Funds from Bank Accounts VIII-1.30
Forms Management VIII-1.40
Interim Tuition Policy of the Board of Regents for FY 1990 Rescinded April 10, 2009
Policy on Tuition VIII-2.01
Tuition and Fee Guidelines for FY 1991 Rescinded April 10, 2009
Policy on Payment of Tuition and Fees VIII-2.20
Policy on Waiver of Tuition and Granting of Other Privileges
for Senior Citizens of the State of Maryland
Policy on Tuition Waiver for Certain Members of the
Maryland National Guard
Policy on Institutional Financial Aid for
Undergraduate Students
Policy on Student Tuition, Fees, and Charges VIII-2.50
Policy on Tuition Fellowships for Graduate Students VIII-2.60
Policy on Off-Campus Programs VIII-2.61
Policy on  Student Classification for Admission and Tuition Purposes
    (effective until June 30, 2015)
Policy on  Student Classification for Admission and
   Tuition Purposes (effective July 1,2015 and thereafter)
Policy on Waiver of Application Fees VIII-2.80
UMS Procurement Policies and Procedures VIII-3.00
Policy on Approval of Procurement Contracts VIII-3.10
Procedures Relating to Review by Attorney General's
Office of Contractual Agreements of the University System
and Involvement in Financing, Real Estate, and Related Capital Projects
Policy on Use of Commercial Contractors for Employment VIII-3.30
Policy on Acquisition and Disposition of Real Property VIII-4.00
Procedures for the Acquisition and Disposition of Real Property VIII-4.01
Procedures for Leasing of Real Property VIII-4.02
Policy on Voting of Proxies in Investment Securities VIII-5.20
Policy on Endowment Fund Spending Rule VIII-5.30
Policy on Management of the Endowment Fund VIII-5.40
Policy on Endowment Funds Investment Objectives VIII-5.50
Policy on Business Activities VIII-6.00
Policy on Financial Management VIII-7.00
Policy on Reporting Suspected or Known Fiscal Irregularities VIII-7.10
Policy on the Communication of Suspected Fraud, Unethical and
Illegal Business Activity
Policy on External Audits VIII-7.20
Policy on Responses to Legislative Audits VIII-7.30
USM Internal Audit Office Charter VIII-7.50
Policy on Financing Commitments Combined with VIII-12.00
Policy on System Funded Loan Program Rescinded February 12, 2010
Policy on the Operating Budget VIII-9.00
Policy on Facilities Master Plans VIII-10.00
Policy on Facilities Renewal for Auxiliary and
Non-Auxiliary Capital Assets
Policy on the Capital Budget of the UMS VIII-10.20
Policy on Authority Concerning Certain
Public Improvement Projects
Policy On Community Notification Of Capital Projects VIII-10.40
Policy on University System Travel VIII-11.00
Schedule of Reimbursement Rates VIII-11.10
Policy on Debt Capacity VIII-12.00
Policy on Business Entities VIII-13.00
Policy on Investments and Loans to Maryland-based
Businesses That License University Intellectual Property
Policy on High Impact Economic Development Activities VIII-15.00