(Approved by the Board of Regents, February 22, 1990)
    I.  POLICY
        In order to permit enrichment of the college experience for
        full-time undergraduate students attending System
        institutions, each institution shall provide opportunities
        for students to pursue courses for credit at other
        institutions within the University System, with exceptions
        as provided in III below.  The existence of this policy
        does not supersede cooperative agreements entered into by
        two or more UMS institutions.  Student participation is on
        a voluntary basis; however, course work should be used to
        augment the program of study being pursued at the home
        A.   Home Institution - The institution at which the
             student has been admitted and is enrolled as an
             undergraduate degree candidate;
        B.   Host Institution - The institution at which the
             student is registered to pursue courses through the
             inter-institutional registration program.
        A.   Only undergraduates who are enrolled full-time in
             degree programs and who have attained at least
             sophomore status and are in good academic standing at
             the home institution are eligible to participate in
             the program. Students participating in the ROTC
             program are exempt from the sophomore standing
        B.   This program is not available at University College or
             in self-support programs.
        C.   Participation in the student inter-institutional
             registration program shall be entered into only after
             receiving approval from the appropriate authority at
             the home institution and with the concurrence of the
             appropriate authority at the host institution.
             Approval does not insure availability of a place in
             the course at the host institution.  Students will use
             the registration procedures and times applicable to
             native students at the host institution.
        D.   All tuition and fees incurred by students shall be
             paid to the home institution in accordance with that
             institution's policies.  No additional registration
             fees may be charged.  However, fees at the host
             institution associated with special courses may be
        E.   Ordinarily students may attempt in a given semester
             only the number of credits in combined registration
             equal to the maximum number permitted students at the
             home institution. At least fifty percent of the
             semester course credits must be taken at the home
        F.   All credits and grades earned by participating
             students at a host institution shall be defined as
             resident credit and entered on the academic record of
             the student at the home institution.  Both grades and
             credits earned within this program shall be included
             in the calculation of the grade point average at the
             home institution.
        G.   The University of Maryland System and each institution
             shall develop coordinated procedures for the
             implementation of this policy.
  Replacement for:  BOT XI-M&N and Appendix H