(Issued by the Chancellor, January 6, 1992)
   1.   The President of each institution shall establish a Records
        Management Program and shall develop and maintain a Records
        Management Plan consistent with the requirements of State
        Government Article, Title 10, Sections 10-632 through 10-
   2.   The Vice President for Administration at each institution
        will be responsible for records management at that
        institution, unless the Chancellor is notified otherwise.
   3.   Each President shall prepare and shall submit to the
        Chancellor for approval a Records Retention and Disposal
        Schedule(s), which will be in compliance with standards set
        by the Chancellor.  The Schedule must be updated every ten
        years and may be amended as necessary.
   4.   Each President will provide for the periodic transfer of
        records to the University Archives, State Archives, or State
        Records Center, as appropriate, or may otherwise dispose of
        records in accordance with the approved Records Retention
        and Disposal Schedule(s).  The Chancellor may require
        periodic Records Retention and Disposal reports in the
        format and according to the schedule provided by him.