USM Bylaws, Policies and Procedures of the Board of Regents
VII - 7.26 - 1


(Approved by the Board of Regents on October 11, 2002)


     This policy establishes the amount and use of paid leave for
     disaster service, and applies to all Regular and Contingent
     Category II Status Exempt and Nonexempt Staff employees of
     the University System of Maryland (USM).  This policy is
     based on 1998 law, the Annotated Code of the Sate of MD,
     State Personnel and Pensions, Section 9-1102.  As an
     Independent Personnel System, the USM is required by law to
     provide this leave.


     A. Requirements for Leave with Pay - On request, an employee
        may be entitled to disaster service leave with pay if:
       1. the employee is certified by the American Red Cross as a
          disaster service volunteer; and
       2. the American Red Cross requests the services of the employee
          during a disaster that is designated at Level II or above in the
          regulations and procedures of the National Office of the American
          Red Cross.
     B. Amount of Leave Allowed - An employee may use up to 15 paid
       days of disaster service leave in any 12-month period only after
       obtaining approval from the employee's appointing authority.  The
       employer may deny the leave if the denial is based on the
       anticipated impact on the operational needs of the institution.
       Employees who are appointed to work less than 100% but at least
       50% time may use disaster service leave on a pro rata basis.
     C. Employment Status for Purposes of Certain Claims - For
       purposes of Worker's Compensation and the Maryland Tort Claims
       Act, while an employee is using disaster service leave, the
       employee is deemed not to be a State employee.


     Each Chief Executive Officer shall identify his/her
     designee(s) as appropriate for this policy; shall develop
     procedures as necessary to implement this policy; shall
     communicate this policy and applicable procedures to his/her
     institutional community; shall forward a copy of such
     designations and procedures to the Chancellor.