Approved by the University System of Maryland Board of Regents September 28, 1988; Amended December 3, 1999
Approved by the Board of Public Works on February 9, 2000

Table of Contents

Section I      Introduction

Section II     Authority and Delegation

Section III    Purpose

Section IV     Applicability

          A.   General Applicability

          B.   Exclusions

Section V      Procurement Methods

          A.   Procurement by Simplified Procurement Procedures
               1.   Simplified Procurement Limit
               2.   Procurements Using a Purchasing Card
               3.   Non-competitive Small Procurement Orders
               4.   Competitive Simplified Procurements
               5.   Records
               6.   Modifications
               7.   Required Contract Clauses

          B.   Competitive Sealed Bidding
               1.   Use of Competitive Sealed Bids
               2.   Required Solicitation Clauses
               3.   Publishing
               4.   Number of Bidders
               5.   Bid Due Date
               6.   Pre-Bid Conference
               7.   Amendments or Addenda
               8.   Bid Opening
               9.   Late Bids, Late Withdrawals, and Late Modifications
               10.  Form of Bids
               11.  Bid Requirements
               12.  Mistakes, Errors, and Withdrawals of Bids
               13.  Bid Evaluation and Award
               14.  Tie Bids
               15.  Records
               16.  Multi-Step Sealed Bidding

          C.   Competitive Sealed Proposals
               1.   A Request For Proposals (RFP)
               2.   Issuance and Content of Proposals
               3.   Requirement for Notice
               4.   Pre-Proposal Conference
               5.   Receipt of Proposals
               6.   Mistakes, Errors, and Withdrawals of Proposals
               7.   Late Proposals, Late Modifications, and Late Withdrawals
               8.   Classification of Proposals
               9.   Evaluation of Proposals
               10.  Discussions and/or Negotiations
               11.  Best and Final Offers
               12.  Debriefing of Unsuccessful Proposors
               13.  Required Solicitation Clauses
               14.  Award of Competitive Sealed Proposals

          D.   Sole Source Procurements
               1.   Reason for Use of Sole Source
               2.   Documentation
               3.   Continuing Need for Sole Source
               4.   Sole Source Procurement Procedures

          E.   Emergency Procurement
               1.   Defined
               2.   Determining Need for an Emergency Procurement
               3.   Limits of Emergency Procurements
               4.   Documentation
               5.   Procedures for Emergency Procurements

          F.   Unsolicited Proposals
               1.   Defined
               2.   Documentation
               3.   Evaluation of Unsolicited Proposals
               4.   Return of Unsolicited Proposals
               5.   Requirement to Make an Award
               6.   Negotiations

          G.   Procurement by Cooperative Purchasing Agreements

          H.   Use of Contracts Established by Other Institutions or Agencies

          I.   Architectural and Engineering Services
               1.   General
               2.   Applicability
               3.   Request for Procurement of Services
               4.   Qualification Committee
               5.   Solicitation
               6.   Review of A/E Services Process
               7.   Award Phase

Section VI     Contract Types

          A.   General

          B.   Factors in Selecting Contract Types

Section VII    Contract Administration

          A.   Purpose and Scope

          B.   Authority and Responsibility

          C.   Approval of Award Actions

          D.   Board of Public Works

          E.   Contract Execution

          F.   Contract Modifications

          G.   Delivery and Performance

          H.   Payment

          I.   Closeout of Contracts

Section VIII   Vendors

          A.   Debarment/Suspension

          B.   Vendor Pre-Qualification

          C.   Vendor Responsibility

Section IX     Socio-Economic Policies

Section X      Protests and Claims

          A.   General

          B.   Protests
               1.   Definitions
               2.   Filing a Protest
               3.   Timing for Filing
               4.   Requested Information
               5.   Notification of the Office of the Attorney General
               6.   Negotiations with Interested Parties
               7.   Decisions by the Procurement Officer
               8.   Appeals
               9.   Awards of Contracts Pending Protests and Claims

          C.   Claims

Section XI     Definitions

Appendix A     Uniform Contract Terms and Conditions