University System of Maryland
Regents Scholars Program

You've proven yourself to be an exceptional student: inquiring, diligent, reflective. Colleges and universities from coast to coast would welcome your interest. The University System of Maryland will do more.

To you ---- this country's very brightest students --- we offer a scholarship that covers virtually every expense of your undergraduate education. Unfettered by financial concerns, you will be free to use your intellectual and creative energies in ways that will release your full potential.

Once selected for the prestigious Regents Scholars Program, you will attend one of eleven University System of Maryland institutions, where you can choose from among top-rated academic programs as diverse as architecture and astronomy, physics and philosophy, Japanese and journalism. Outside the classroom you will be free to participate fully in campus life, whether your interests lead to the stage, the athletic field, or the student government.

The Scholarship
Regents Scholarships have been created by the University System of Maryland's foremost benefactors. Substantial endowments are established by individuals and corporations to provide outstanding students with the financial freedom to pursue academic studies at one of the nation's finest university systems.

The Award
Individual awards cover the entire estimated costs of tuition, room, board, books, and academic materials. Some Regents Scholarships are restricted to specific disciplines or to students from particular geographic areas. Some have no qualifying factor other than merit. The awards are funded in part by endowments established by University System benefactors committed to academic excellence.

Regents Scholars are selected on the basis of demonstrated academic ability, generally measured by a score of 1400 or higher on the Scholastic Aptitude Test and a high school grade-point average approaching 4.0. Regents Scholars may also be nominated based upon demonstrated academic ability at a Maryland community college, as measured by completion of the Associate of Arts degree with a grade-point average of 4.0. Strong motivation, exceptional character, and a record of extracurricular accomplishments are also factors in selection.

Consideration is given to outstanding students applying for admission to full-time undergraduate programs at one or more of the eleven University System of Maryland institutions listed below. Qualifiying students come to the attention of admissions officials in several ways:

High school students who wish to be considered for this program should submit a Regents Scholars Program application to each USM institution to which they apply for undergraduate admission. Scholarship application forms are available from the admissions offices of the eleven USM institutions that admit freshmen and from the USM Office of Academic Affairs. For best consideration, you should file your admissions and scholarship applications by February 1 of the year in which you plan to enter.

High school students can be nominated by their high school, by faculty or staff of the University System, or by an alumnus or donor of a USM institution. Sponsors should write letters of nomination to the directors of admission at the student's USM campuses of choice. Campus officials will then invite the student to submit a formal application.

Students from Maryland community colleges who wish to be considered should submit a Regents Scholarship application to the transfer coordinator at the community college. Scholarship application forms for transfer students are available from the community college advising center and from the USM Office of Academic Affairs. Students from the community colleges must be nominated by the community college president.

Students who have not applied for a Regents Scholarship but who meet the criteria may be nominated by the USM institutions or the Maryland community colleges.

In all cases, students who qualify for the program are brought to the attention of the institution's presidents, who then nominate candidates to the System chancellor and the Board of Regents. Responsibility for the final selection and official appointment to the program rests with the chancellor.

Annual Renewal
Regents Scholarship awards are renewed each year in which the scholar continues full-time study toward the baccalaureate degree and maintains at least a 3.5 cumulative grade-point average.

Regents Scholarships are limited to eight semesters for students entering from high school, and are limited to four semesters for students entering from Maryland community colleges. For more information, students or their sponsors may contact System Office of Academic Affairs or the individual institution of interest.