(Approved by the Board of Regents on November 12, 1993)
     I.     Purpose and Applicability.  This policy establishes the
            circumstances under which former regular administrative
            and classified employees who return to UMS service shall
            be considered as new employees.
    II.     A former regular administrative or classified employee
            who returns to University of Maryland System service
            after a break in service of two or more years shall be
            considered a new employee.  Former employees who return
            within two years of separation shall be governed by the
            Policy on Reinstatement.
   III.     For individuals who are reemployed as new employees,
            prior service, exclusive of the period of separation from
            service, shall only be used to:
            A.   determine the rate of annual leave earnings for
                 classified employees as described in the Policy on
                 Annual Leave;
            B.   determine seniority points for classified
                 employees, as provided in BOR VII - 1.30 - Policy
                 on Layoff for Unclassified and Classified
       Each Chief Executive Officer shall develop procedures as
       necessary to implement this policy and submit a copy to the
  Replacement for:
       UM Personnel Policies and Rules for Classified Employees -
       Section III, Re-employment, Page III-4
       UM Personnel Policies and Rules for Associate Staff - Section
       F - Reappointment, Page 4