(Approved by the Board of Regents, February 28, 1992)
       I.   Purpose and Applicability.  To establish a leave
            category called Administrative Leave for all regular
            administrative and classified employees which permits
            an employee, under certain circumstances, to be absent
            from duty without loss of any pay or without charge to
            the employee's accrued leave.
      II.   Emergency Conditions.   Administrative Leave may be
            granted when emergency conditions exist.  (See the
            policy on Emergency Conditions).
     III.   For Attendance at Employee Organization Events
            A.   Any employee organization which is permitted to
                 collect dues by payroll deduction may request that
                 its member employees be released from their normal
                 duties for the purpose of participating in
                 approved organization activities.
            B.   The total amount of Administrative Leave granted
                 to employees of any employee organization at any
                 institution during a fiscal year may not exceed
                 one day for every 20 employees of that
                 organization who have dues collected by payroll
                 deduction as of July 1 of that fiscal year.
            C.   All requests for Administrative Leave shall be
                 submitted to the institution Director of Human
                 Resources/Personnel 30 calendar days in advance of
                 the event and shall include:
                 1.   A general description of the event and its
                 2.   The date and location of the event;
                 3.   The names of employee members for whom
                      Administrative Leave is being requested.
            D.   After verifying the validity of the request and
                 the accuracy of the time being requested, the
                 institution Director of Human Resources/Personnel
                 may approve administrative leave if the employee's
                 services can be spared without impairing the
                 services of the department(s) involved.
            E.   If the employee organization needs to substitute
                 employee members for those previously granted
                 administrative leave, or substitute new dates,
                 such requests will be submitted to the institution
                 Director of Human Resources/Personnel for
                 approval.  Such substitutions may be approved if
                 the substitution will not impair the services of
                 the unit.
     IV.    Administrative Leave for Other Purposes.  The
            institution Chief Executive Officer (CEO) may approve a
            request for administrative leave or may require an
            employee to take administrative leave for any purpose
            considered to be in the best interests of the
        Each Chief Executive Officer shall develop procedures as
        necessary and submit a copy to the Chancellor.
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