University System of Maryland:  Maryland’s Most Powerful Economic Engine

The University System of Maryland (USM) is Maryland's public higher education system, consisting of 11 degree-granting universities, three regional higher education centers and one environmental research institution.  With approximately 176,000 students and 42,000 graduates each year, USM is the most significant producer of talented workers and educated citizens in Maryland.  USM institutions, faculty, students and graduates attract billions of federal and privately funded research dollars to the state that support thousands of jobs.  They also create hundreds of new companies.  Combined, these activities enable USM to support one of America’s most vibrant economies.

Attracting Research Dollars, Creating Companies and Fostering New Jobs

  • $1.43 billion in academic research & development funding and rising
    • As a single body, USM ranks 8th in federal R&D funding nationally, 2nd per capita (4th overall) in federal government contracts and 1st in National Institutes of Health research and development contract awards
  • 3 research parks supporting 250 tenants and 9,800 jobs
  • More than 600 new companies facilitated

Helping Drive Maryland’s Economy

  • Educating Maryland’s workforce, which ranks:
    • 1st in percentage of professional and technical workers
    • 2nd in the percentage with a graduate or professional degree
    • 3rd in the percentage of the population age 25 and above with a bachelor’s degree
  • Raising income levels.  Maryland ranks:
    • 1st in median household income, 37% above the national median
    • 3rd lowest poverty rate
    • 4th in per capita personal income

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