USM Praises Governor's Budget

January 17, 2001

USM Leadership Praises Governor's Budget

Two leaders in public higher education in Maryland, Nathan A. Chapman, Jr., chairman of the University System of Maryland (USM) Board of Regents, and Donald N. Langenberg, chancellor of the USM, praised the Fiscal Year 2002 budget proposed today by Governor Parris N. Glendening.
"To those who ask if we can afford to spend this much for higher education, I ask if we can afford not to," Chapman said earlier today. "The budget reflects the priorities established for the University System of Maryland in legislation passed by the General Assembly in 1999. The legislation states that the System is 'an engine that drives economic growth and will be key to competing successfully in the 21st century.' It eliminated structural and management impediments to institutions' achieving their goals. The General Assembly designed a much more efficient 'economic engine.' Now, we must provide it the necessary fuel."
Chancellor Langenberg added: "The governor's budget for Maryland's total educational system, from kindergarten through college, is bold and forward looking. It recognizes that if our state's economy is to continue to be the envy of the country, we can't sit on a lead. Businesses are looking for states that can not only provide an educated workforce, but can also provide a sound education for the children of their workforce. The governor's budget is right on target, and the target is the future."
According to the Governor's press office, the budget includes a "major commitment" to higher education, with a $159 million increase in operating expenditures and $43 million for campus buildings. In addition, scholarship funding has been increased by 19 percent, with $10 million for expansion of the Hope scholarship program and $3 million for need-based awards. (The Hope scholarship program provides funds to students who attend a college in Maryland and enroll in an academic program that will address career shortage areas in the state.)


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