Statement - USM Board of Regents Chairman Issues Statement in Response to Tragic Events

September 11, 2001

USM Board of Regents Chairman Issues Statement in Response to Tragic Events

Nathan A. Chapman Jr., chairman of the University System of Maryland Board of Regents, issued the following letter to the USM institution presidents in response to today's tragedies in New York City and Washington, D.C.:

"To all USM Presidents:

I am contacting you in light of the tragic events in New York City and Washington, D.C.  I'm sure each of you has been closely monitoring these events and has made or is making decisions concerning the operations of your respective campuses.

This is an unprecedented situation - one in which ordinary policies simply do not apply.  Accordingly, you are instructed to take any steps you deem necessary to provide for the safety and security of your students, faculty, and staff, and their families.

You are to keep the Chancellor's office apprised of any actions you take with respect to campus operations (e.g., cancellation of classes, campus closure).  Information should be sent by email to, phone (301) 445-1901, or fax (301) 445-1931.

For your information, the Governor's office has issued the following statement:

'Effective immediately, all State offices have been closed except for emergency functions.  All non-essential, non-emergency personnel are being released for the remainder of the day.  All essential emergency, public safety, and critical transportation personnel are to remain on duty and report for duty.  Personnel who have questions should contact their immediate supervisors.'
In addition, the Governor has given local school districts the discretion to close public schools.

Unlike other State entities, you have special responsibilities to consider, particularly the continuation of services to resident students.  I am confident you will effectively manage this situation, and want you to know that the Board of Regents supports any actions you take to provide for the safety and security of your campus.

I know you join the Board, the entire USM family, and me in expressing our prayers and sympathy for the victims of these horrible events."

Chris Hart
Phone: 301/445-2739