USM Board of Regents Condemns Student Behavior at College Park

April 9, 2001

USM Board of Regents Condemns Student Behavior at College Park Following NCAA Game

A resolution condemning the behavior of university students in the wake of the University of Maryland, College Park loss to Duke University in the NCAA Final Four was approved today by the University System of Maryland (USM) Board of Regents. Regent Steny H. Hoyer presented the resolution, which criticized the "criminal and dangerous" behavior of students who caused a reported $500,000 in damages to a Comcast cable television line and $50,000 to city property in College Park last Saturday night. Hoyer offered the resolution as an agenda item during today's regular Board meeting at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. (See following pages for full text of resolution.)

The resolution reads, in part: "The Board of Regents directs the Administration of the University of Maryland, College Park to vigorously and expeditiously seek to identify all UMCP students or employees involved in the incidents of arson, vandalism, assault and other inexcusable behavior that followed the Maryland-Duke basketball game, no matter where such
behavior occurred.."

The Regents called for campus police to work with College Park law enforcement agencies to investigate the incidents, and that "the Administration take the strongest action allowed by its disciplinary policies" in punishing all College Park students and/or employees responsible for the destruction.

The resolution also supported the "sentiments and conclusions" of UMCP President C.D. Mote Jr., who has apologized for the students' acts of violence and destruction. "The behavior of some of our students is contrary to everything we stand for," President Mote wrote in a letter to College Park Mayor Michael Jacobs. "Their acts embarrassed the vast majority of students who study here, as well as our faculty, staff, and alumni who take great pride in the University of Maryland and the City of College Park."

The Board said it expects UMCP to report back on the results of the investigation, including any recommendations for Board action to prevent or respond to such episodes in the future.

The Board of Regents also expressed its regrets to the College Park community and pledged its full support for appropriate corrective measures.


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