Recipients of 2013 Board of Regents Staff Awards Announced

Adelphi, Md. (Sept. 20, 2013) -- University System of Maryland (USM) Board of Regents Chairman James L. Shea and USM Chancellor William E. Kirwan honored winners of the 2013 USM Regents' Staff Awards at a breakfast ceremony before today's board meeting at the University of Maryland, College Park.

The awards recognize staff members who have made exceptional contributions to their organizations, students and the university community.

Award winners are selected based on nominations and letters of support from colleagues, culminating in a formal recommendation from the Council of University System Staff, which provides non-faculty USM employees with a voice in system governance.

Each award carries a $1,000 prize, provided by the institutions and the University System of Maryland Foundation.

The following USM staff members were honored:


Regents' Staff Award for Exceptional Contribution to the Institution or Unit

Exempt: Karyn Schulz, University of Baltimore (UB). In addition to her regular duties as director of the Center for Educational Access, Ms. Schulz is an integral part of the shared governance process at UB, where she has emerged as a leader not just for staff but the entire UB community.  Through her continued involvement on UB's Staff Senate as Parliamentarian and on the Culture and Diversity Committee, Ms. Schulz serves as a role model for others engaged in and interested in participating in shared governance.

Non-Exempt: Susan Weininger, Towson University (TU). From helping students with registration and graduation requirements to providing them with advice and assistance, Susan Weininger is one of the most utilized-and most popular-assets in Towson's Department of English. Whether counseling a student, fixing a printer problem, or looking up information for a faculty member, she never loses sight of the fact that the best interests of students is the heart of the university's mission.


Regents' Staff Award for Outstanding Service to Students in an Academic or Residential Environment

Exempt: Jeff Klupt, Towson University (TU). Mr. Klupt has worked as the electronics technician for the Fisher College of Science and Mathematics for 21 years, but his service extends far beyond his official duties. Faculty and departments rely on his expertise to design, construct and maintain all electrical and mechanical devices in classrooms and laboratories. He also maintains the "smart" classroom systems.  And he can often be found helping a student write code for an experiment, or simply providing advice.

Non-Exempt: Lois Bennett, Frostburg University (FSU). As the administrative assistant for the Programs Advancing Student Success office (PASS), the Disability Support Services Office (DSS) and the Registrar's office, Ms. Bennett is in charge of Federal Work Study Students for both the PASS and Tutoring Center offices. However, she is much more. In her 28 years at Frostburg, Ms. Bennett has been a friend, mentor, and supporter to hundreds of students.


Regents' Staff Award for Extraordinary Public Service to the University or to the Greater Community

Exempt: Brenda Ali, University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB). In addition to her duties as assistant to the director of the Institute for Genomic Sciences, Ms. Ali works with the James McHenry Elementary/Middle School, located a few blocks from the UMB BioPark. And while she provides numerous services, she is best known for the annual Halloween event that the BioPark hosts each year for community children. Her personal commitment to the school and to the greater community has made a real difference.

Non-Exempt: Elsa Kerry-Grant, University of Maryland, College Park (UMCP). Ms. Kerry-Grant is a tremendous advocate for some of the lower paid workers on campus, especially those who speak English as a second language. She works with them to improve their skills to find pathways to promotions and higher-paying jobs. While this work was never part of her official duties, her understanding of the special challenges recent immigrants face compelled her to reach out and help others.  She is also working toward her bachelor's degree in management, and she is on track to graduate next December.


Regents' Staff Award for Effectiveness and Efficiency

Exempt: Stephen Kolb, Towson University. As energy manager for Towson University, Mr. Kolb designed and implemented the campus-wide lighting system improvement and retrofit of over 35,000 lighting fixtures and the installation of some 9,600 lighting occupancy sensors across 35 academic, administrative, and auxiliary buildings. This system is saving the university approximately $1 million in electricity costs per year. He also spearheaded other energy-saving initiatives that have garnered the university $400,000 in energy rebates from Towson's local utility. The entire project reduces the university's lighting energy use by 40%, its total electricity energy consumption by 15 percent and its carbon emissions by nearly 10,000 tons.


Non-Exempt: Brenda Grodzicki, Salisbury Universit. Ms. Grodzicki brings a range of skills to her position as business manager and copy editor editor for the Literature/Film Quarterly, an international publication housed at Salisbury University and a critical tool for studies in literature and film. Ms. Grodzicki developed and implemented a plan to increase revenues for the publication, renegotiating long-standing contracts with several companies that distributed the journal online and securing additional contracts that will save the journal more than $10,000 annually. This cost savings has provided the financial stability that will ensure the continued publication of this valuable faculty resource.



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