USM Board of Regents Committee on Audit Meets December 21

Adelphi, Md. (Dec. 19, 2016) -- The University System of Maryland (USM) Board of Regents Committee on Audit will meet at 10 a.m. on Wednesday, December 21. The meeting will be held in the Chancellor's Conference Room in the Elkins Building at the USM headquarters, 3300 Metzerott Road, Adelphi, MD.

In public session, the committee will discuss several information items. They include the fiscal year 2016 independent audit of USM financial statements and enrollment reports; the independent auditor's recommendations to management; and a review of Board of Regents policies regarding the Committee on Audit charter and bylaws. There will also be a discussion of completed Office of Legislative Audit activity.

 The committee then will vote on whether to reconvene in closed session. In closed session, the committee would consider issues specifically exempted in the Open Meetings Act from the requirement for public consideration.

Those issues include legislative audit matters that are ongoing and, therefore, confidential; discussion of investigative matters which may lead to criminal prosecution; calendar years 2016 and 2017 internal audit plan of activity; and the committee meeting separately with the independent auditors and the director of internal audit.

The public session agenda and supporting materials for the prospective closed session are available here.


Contact: Mike Lurie
Phone: 301.445.2719