Guidance from Chancellor Caret: USM Campuses to Self-Determine Schedule Dec. 5

Baltimore, Md. (Dec. 4, 2018) -- University System of Maryland (USM) Chancellor Robert Caret issued the following guidance Monday evening for USM institutions regarding the governor’s announcement that state offices will close Wednesday, December 5:

On Monday afternoon, the governor announced that state government offices will be closed on Wednesday, December 5, in honor of the late President George H.W. Bush.  The governor's announcement did not include the University System of Maryland (USM), its 12 universities and two regional higher education centers, all of which operate under a separate personnel system that enables independent decision-making regarding closures.

The announcement comes as universities across Maryland’s public higher education system race toward the end of the fall semester, final exams and winter break.  With so few days to complete (or make up) the necessary instruction, coursework and exams, the USM is aware of the challenges that closing would pose to tens of thousands of students and faculty.

As individual institutions across the USM decide whether to close or remain open as scheduled on Wednesday, their decisions should and will be guided by the needs of students and the potential impact on their ability to successfully complete the semester.

System offices will remain open as scheduled Wednesday.

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