Chancellor Jay A. Perman on Gov. Hogan's FY23 Budget Proposal

Baltimore, Md. (Jan. 19, 2022) – On behalf of the University System of Maryland, I’m deeply grateful to Gov. Hogan and his administration for the FY23 budget proposed today for the USM. If approved by the legislature, the budget would substantially increase state funding to the University System.

This budget proposal recognizes not only the vital work of the University System, but how pivotal that work is in powering Maryland’s economy and putting the state in the sound financial position it’s in right now. With salary increases for USM employees, the proposal also recognizes the profound dedication of our people, who since the earliest days of COVID, have kept our campuses safe, our students learning, our research productive, and our service strong.

From the onset of the pandemic, the USM has suffered financial losses, including a significant cut to our state appropriation. The restoration of our budget, plus the inclusion of additional funds, will allow us to help our students who’ve suffered so much throughout this crisis—financially, academically, emotionally. It will allow us to innovate solutions to the greatest challenges we confront as a state and a nation. It will allow us to prepare a workforce that has always been the unmatched source of Maryland’s prosperity.

I thank the General Assembly for its continued support of the University System. My USM colleagues and I look forward to working with its members so that we may do even more to serve the state’s students and citizens, and fortify Maryland’s abiding and enviable strength.

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