USM Chancellor Jay A. Perman on Bomb Threats at Historically Black Institutions Nationwide

Baltimore, Md. (Feb. 1, 2022) It’s devastating and despicable that we begin Black History Month with bomb threats at our nation’s HBCUs, including the USM’s own Bowie State University and Coppin State University, as well as fellow Maryland HBCU Morgan State University.

We stand in solidarity with our historically Black institutions, knowing that their strength is our strength, and that their power—on display like never before—will not be diminished by cowardly acts meant to menace and harm and intimidate.

If the intent of these threats was to restrict access to our historically Black institutions—to restrict access to higher education itself—it will fail. If it was meant to sow division, it will fail. If it was meant to terrorize students and communities of color, it will fail. Because we will work even harder to make sure our HBCUs, and everyone they serve, feel the full weight of our protection and support.

The University System is what it is because of our historically Black institutions. Their prominence grows by the day. And no acts of craven bullying will stop their progress or dim their light. I thank Maryland’s HBCUs—Bowie, Coppin, UMES, Morgan—and historically Black institutions across the nation for being, still, a safe haven for our students, a wellspring of critical scholarship, and a source of such deep pride.

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