USM Student Council Members To Meet With Maryland General Assembly

Annapolis, MD – January 24, 2006 – On Wednesday, January 25, 2006 the membership of the University System of Maryland Student Council (USMSC) will meet with members of the Maryland General Assembly to discuss current issues pertaining to higher education.

"It is important that the members of the Maryland General Assembly who will soon vote on the budget allocation for the University System of Maryland hear from those persons that the allocation will benefit most, the students. It is important that we [the students] are visible. Legislators need to see that students have a keen interest in the quality of their public higher education" stated Brian S. Bailey, Vice Chair of the USMSC.

The USMSC was established during the restructuring of higher education in Maryland in 1988 to advise the Chancellor and the Board of Regents in order to ensure that the University System of Maryland remains aware of student perspectives and is responsive to student concerns and issues.

A goal of the USMSC is to strengthen the relationship between the students who attend the thirteen institutions of the USM to the members of the Maryland General Assembly, the Governor's Office and those policymakers in the higher education community. A key component of the successful completion of this goal is the USMSC's annual Annapolis 101 Day. Following the days worth of meetings with state legislators, the USMSC will host a banquet in the Thomas V. Mike Miller State Senate Office Building. This year's event will be held in the President's Conference Center West I & II with dinner beginning at 5:30 PM and the program beginning promptly at 6:30 PM.

Invited speakers this year include Governor Robert L. Ehrlich, Jr.; state Senator Patrick J. Hogan, Vice Chair of the Budget and Taxation Committee; and Mr. David H. Nevins, Chairman of the Board of Regents and the first ever Student Regent in 1975.

Contact: Nicolas Aragón, Chair
University System of Maryland Student Council
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